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Twists and Turns in Flynn


Like most appellate lawyers in this country, I have been following the Flynn saga in the DC Circuit. I was disheartened at them granting the order for en banc review. I believed the mandamus was proper and should have issued.

For those of you who are not law nerds, an order in mandamus is an order from a superior court to a lower court telling that court to do something it has an absolute duty to do. You cannot establish a duty through mandamus, you can only enforce a duty. So, unless there was a clear, existing right to the relief sought (dismissal) mandamus would have been inappropriate. The original writ court found that there was such a right. The en banc review cast a shadow on that determination.

Justice Coming for General Flynn?


Judge Sullivan’s weekend has been ruined by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. That is the court that is the boss of him. For many years, leftists could count on this district to further their interests. It was understood as important to their longer term projects. However, Republican presidents sometimes get to appoint members. In this case, the luck of the draw was in favor of justice. There is a Bush 41, Obama, and Trump judge on the assigned panel, and they all agreed that they should consider motions, a series of papers, on the petition for writ of mandamus on behalf of Gen. Michael Flynn.

Honest attorneys in the Department of Justice, under Attorney General Barr’s protection and leadership, threw in the towel on the wrongful prosecution of Flynn, a key part of the attempted Obama faction and security agencies coup against President Trump. That, as a matter of federal law and federal court practice, should have been the end of the matter. But Judge Sullivan hates President Trump and his voters more than he respects his oath and the Constitution, so he continued his disreputable conduct and sought to keep control of Flynn, looking for some way to play for time until, he hoped, Biden would be elected.

Sidney Powell was having none of this, and wrote a petition for writ of mandamus that is a thing of fierce beauty:

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The past week ended, and the new week started with birds singing and more sightings of beauty and beast-mode. Thursday, May 14, 2020, Maria Bartiromo got an extended interview with President Trump on the White House grounds. She asked 44 questions in a 55 minute interview and got answers to every question, from coronavirus to […]

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Proper Priorities: Press Secretary Briefing May 8


Press Secretary McEnany had her priorities straight. She opened the briefing with a tribute to World War II veterans, then recited in detail the great injustice done to a true man of honor, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. After that, she opened the floor to questions (attack sound bites) and commanded the high ground with a smile, finally dismissing the pack of propagandists as tardy to an event with the president.

Notice how the focus by the White House press corps has shifted away from COVID-19. See how they are shifting to other lines of attack. I recently rapidly read The Reagan Diaries and was struck by his repeated entries about the unfairness, the bias, the flat-out fictions, of the press. President Reagan repeatedly expressed the opinion to his daily diary that the press was out to get him, not interested in the truth.

‘We’re Looking at the Whole Pattern of Conduct’


Those words should cause heavy drinking and bad dreams this weekend for a number of punks who perverted justice and violated their oaths of office. The words were uttered by Attorney General William Barr in the middle of an excellent interview by Catherine Herridge, now with CBS News. You can tell how threatening this interview and the Justice Department’s lengthy and damning motion to dismiss the Flynn plea by the hysterical reactions in the usual quarters.

CBS, to their credit, posted the entire Barr interview transcript, unedited. The interview is tough but fair, and gives us real news and insight into Attorney General Barr’s thinking. The forward-looking portions are worth highlighting:

What should Americans take away from your actions in the Flynn case today?

Trump Fends Off “Showboat” Comey And The Federal Zombies


He pleaded the case of a loyal soldier, rather than forsake retired US Army lieutenant general Michael Flynn to the mercies of FBI director James Comey. And he asked for loyalty from the congenitally disloyal. You’ll agree: President Donald Trump is being indicted on technicalities and on personal style.

Distill the president’s unremarkable actions, subject to a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, and it becomes clear that the establishment—for sensible people outside the beltway have dissociated from the Russia-collusion phantasmagoria—is indicting him on the plain, impolitic speech that catapulted Donald Trump from candidate to president.

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Donald Trump announced his choice for National Security Advisor this afternoon.  Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster has a long and distinguished record of service, and wrote a detailed critique of the strategy employed by the US military during the war in Vietnam. The reaction to McMaster appears to be much more positive, with many notable Trump […]

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US Department of Fake


I ran into Greg Potemkin in DC yesterday when I was in town to lobby for The Euthanamerica Foundation, which I helped establish to counteract the obsessive focus on young Asians being promoted by the Oregon-based Euthanasia Society.

Greg is considerably younger than I, but we became fast friends five years ago when we toured Uzbekistan together for the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) to promote magic awareness and escapism. After exchanging the traditional IBM greeting, which consists of pulling multi-colored scarves from each other’s ears until we were worn out, we retired to the nearest Starbutts to catch up.