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I heard a segment on the radio today about last night’s 60 Minute’s episode that featured space age medical technology being developed by the U.S. Military.  I had no idea that they had a massive research lab containing countless disease and virus samples going back hundreds of years, including the Spanish flu. They’ve taken blood […]

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The Unnaturals


Blueprint_for_Vetruvian_man_by_ThE_UnKO_LeMaLife has a natural order which must be respected in order to achieve happiness. Most conservatives agree to that. Men and women are naturally different. Children are naturally different from adults. Suffering and death are a natural part of life, and we should be skeptical of any utopian scheme that wishes to circumvent them.

I concede all that. Yet in conceding that, I cannot help but conclude that my own existence is deeply unnatural. Let me explain.

Without the intervention of modern medicine, I would have died several times over in childhood. If you asked me whether Mother Nature intended me to be alive, the only reasonable answer I could come up with is “No”. Moreover, I’m a third-generation unnatural: the child of a child who would have died in childhood without heroic medical intervention. I married a man who has robust good health, but it’s likely that our children (should we manage to have any) will be fourth-generation unnaturals.