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Next month, I will be taking my daughter to a New Student Orientation program at the university she will be attending in the fall. I was looking at the website page that lists the orientation team leaders, who are current students, and I couldn’t help noticing that the pupils’ page proudly perpetrates the peculiar practice of picking preferred […]

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My genderqueer transmasculine FB friend (ok, don’t ask, she just graduated from college a year ago) made an angry status about her gender identity becoming a pre-existing condition under TrumpCare. Putting aside that blatant bit of misinformation, let us explore the interesting exchange in the comments section that inspired this post. Another person said that the same […]

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Trump and Clinton Genders Reversed


This piece out of NYU is absolutely fascinating. They had a female actor play Trump and a male one play Clinton in a reenactment of excerpts from the debates.

I love the honesty that these very liberal academics display. They expected to see the female Trump come off as less acceptable and the male Clinton to be more impressive. The opposite happened.

I don’t want to add too much to the piece, which is very thorough and insightful, but one thing struck me: the myth of sexism in actual daily life. The idea that it is more acceptable in 21st Century America for a man to condescend to and dismiss a woman the way Hillary did Trump as a matter of course in the debates.

The World Needs More Men


It’s OK to be a man. And it’s OK to act like a man.

Unless you go to college. College, it seems, thinks being a man is nothing more than a catch phrase for being an unrepentant rapist even if you’ve never had such a disgusting thought in your life, nor actually committed the violent act. In college, being a man means you’re unable to find love, incapable of dealing with your feelings, have (or one day will have!) contributed to the degradation of all women everywhere and, therefore, must be neutered in public and private.

College can be a nasty place.

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for January 2, 2017, this is, my god I can’t believe it, our century mark podcast. Yep, podcast number 100! And as grandiose as that is, we have an equally grandiose theme, it’s the Back to Camelot edition of the podcast, brought to you by ZipRecruiter. If your business is giving you headaches because you can’t find the right candidates for the wonderful jobs you have to offer, take a look at ziprecruiter.com.

You can find us online at HarvardLunchClub.com and on twitter where our handle is @HLCpodcast; we are also on facebook, look for Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast. And of course we are here every week on Ricochet – the groovy center right clubhouse for intelligent talk and interesting perspectives.

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http://www.beamsandstruts.com/bits-a-pieces/item/682-the-female-gaze-and-male-shame In our universities we teach/indoctrinate students that women have little agency, or freedom of action, and have internalized the impact of the ‘Male Gaze,’ that they are mere sexual objects. Preview Open

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The Tyranny of Pronouns


jack-sparrowWhen I think back on how prophetic Bob Dole was, I want to flambé a grammar book. You may recall that in the midst of losing the 1996 presidential election, he began referring to himself in the third person, as in: “Make no mistake, Bob Dole is going to be the Republican nominee.” But at least he had the good sense to use his actual name, and didn’t demand that we refer to him with inanities like “Ze,” or “Hir,” or “they.” And when he excused himself to go the men’s room Bob Dole didn’t say, ”Bob Dole has to go to the ladies room.” Dave Carter misses Bob Dole.

All of which is a far cry from Leo Soell, a fifth-grade teacher in Oregon who won a $60,000 lawsuit a few months back over her insistence that she be referred to as, “they.” Yes, you read that correctly. Want to read it again? It’s okay, I’ll wait. Let it sink in for a moment, and then let us pause briefly and pray that Soell doesn’t teach English, otherwise her fifth-graders won’t know the difference between third person plural and third person singularly ridiculous. Here, I disclose that I actually identify as a Lamborghini Owner (please contact Ricochet’s editors for instructions on how you can help accommodate my new identity).

Now comes news that University of Toronto professor is accused of hate speech for declining to address various students using “genderless pronouns.” Not only has Professor Jordan Peterson refused to refer to certain “transgender and black students” in genderless terms, but he delivered a two-part lecture on YouTube explaining his position:

Girls and Boys and Science

“But Miss Lenhart, that’s not true. Don’t you read Ricochet?”

One of the more irritating — and destructive — clichés we’re all forced to endure in newspapers, on television, and everywhere else is the idea that girls, somehow, need extra help in the classroom, or through special programs and more encouragement. Of course, women outnumber men in college, law school, and medical school. And now we know that girls outperform boys in technology and engineering subjects, too. From the AMI Newswire:

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Using the threat of withholding federal funds (that was sent by the states!) to force 99.7% of the school population to swallow their discomfort and allow ‘transgender’ persons to use any restroom/locker rooms at any time is going nowhere. Texas has already said, NO!, Indiana may have, and Limbaugh just read part of the letter […]

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Harvard’s Final Clubs Debacle


shutterstock_143473063Last week, Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust wrote a public letter on “Single-Gender Social Organizations,” which heralds a brave new social order at Harvard and perhaps elsewhere. The targets of her letter are Harvard’s so-called final clubs—those organizations that are the last, or final, clubs that undergraduates would join before leaving Harvard. These final clubs are not located on Harvard property and they receive no funding of any sort from the University, having been officially dissociated from Harvard in 1984. There are at present 13 of them—six accept only male members; five, only female members. Two formerly all-male clubs, Fox and Spee, are now co-ed after buckling under relentless pressure from Harvard. Some 30 percent of Harvard undergraduates are members of these organizations. It seems clear that there is substantial private demand for these clubs, and, for a period of many years, little or no demand for co-ed social clubs that served these same purposes.

These final clubs enjoy widespread acceptance among their members because some young people prefer to organize their social lives around single-sex organizations. To a classical liberal like myself, these revealed preferences count a great deal, for it would be foolish to insist that a large fraction of this nation’s future elites are so misguided about their own moral and social development that they would take steps to stunt their growth in both these dimensions. But in the eyes of progressives like Faust, these preferences should be dismissed as inconsistent with a bigger vision of a “campus free from exclusion on arbitrary grounds.” When an organization rejects “much of the student body merely because of its gender,” she writes, that “undermines the promise offered by Harvard’s diverse student body.” She then concludes on a paternalist note that these clubs “do not serve our students well when they step outside our gates into a society where gender-based discrimination is understood as unwise, unenlightened, and untenable.”

Faust offered no particulars for her indictment. Rather, she eagerly accepted the recommendations contained in a Harvard College letter, also from last week, by the college dean, Rakesh Khurara, which argues in harsh pernicious stereotypes that the final clubs are the “exclusive preserves of men” and create a power imbalance on campus, making it impossible for Harvard to move forward in the 21st century. He twists the knife in deep by insisting that any student who is a member of one of these clubs will be denied positions of leadership “in recognized student organizations or athletic teams,” and will not receive Dean endorsement letters that are needed when applying to prestigious scholarships such as the Rhodes and Marshall awards. Khurara only stops short of insisting that membership in a final club should be grounds for expulsion from Harvard.

First They Came for the Porkies


Porcellian-ClubHahvahd’s male-only clubs have forged life-long relationships. And that, of course, is the problem.

“Once a Porcellian always a Porcellian,” read a 1940 Time magazine article about the oldest of Harvard University’s secretive, all-male “final clubs.” “Porkies keep up their Porkie friendships all their lives, go back religiously to the annual Porkie banquet at which new members are initiated. … From the Pore’s clubrooms, non-Porcellians are religiously excluded.”

The Washington Post notes, with the usual thin-lipped expression of disapproval: “For the 225 years that the Porcellian Club has existed, this exclusion has applied to all women — a fact that has increasingly been condemned by the Harvard administration.” See, the relationships forged in this club gave the members privileges at odds with the desires of an egalitarian world, and while that had an effect on every non-Porkie male in the nation, it had a disparate impact on women, since not one could join.

Hillary, Donald, and the Gender Wars


hillary_clinton_donald_trumpThe greatest failures of the past generation concern men, women, and sex — and there could not be two more awful representatives of what has gone wrong than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton delights in presenting herself as a feminist icon – but she is weighed down by the weaknesses of feminism and can boast few of the strengths. The weakness is her itchy trigger finger on accusations of sexism. She’s playing in the biggest of big leagues yet reaches for the sexism charge with dull predictability. If you criticize her cattle futures deal, the Clinton Foundation, her email server – anything – she or her minions will protest the double standard. One of her followers, Lena Dunham, published a list of words that ought to be forbidden when discussing Mrs. Clinton. They included “shrill,” “inaccessible,” and “difficult.”

Clinton uses feminism the way she has used people, ideas, and institutions throughout her long career – merely as instruments of her own advancement. When it’s convenient, she is the feminist role model. When her husband is being accused (accurately) of sexually harassing a cavalcade of women, she becomes the Wife Enforcer. The women who accused Bill Clinton were “trash,” she assured the world. Monica Lewinsky was a “narcissistic loony tune.”

The Science is Cisgendered: Gender-Neutral Cats Are the Civil Rights Struggle of Our Age


tumblr_inline_mnvkilXfzB1qz4rgpDon’t laugh at Washington Post editor Lauren R. Taylor. She is an earnest young woman with a passion for social justice. Which is why the Pulitzer-laden newspaper devoted precious editorial space to explain how she’s raising her cats as gender-neutral.

My new cats were freaking out. In carriers in the back seat of the car, they yowled their displeasure. I reassured them: “Don’t worry boys, we’ll be home soon.”

Whoops! I had called them boys, when in fact they were girls. An understandable mistake, as I’ve had cats for about 50 years, and all of them have been male. “I’m going to have to work on using the right pronouns,” I thought. And then another thought: “Why? They’re cats.”

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Dear Academy Awards – It’s become clear that burdens of acting and filmmaking have an inordinate impact on minorities and women. Given your unique position in Hollywood, I call on you to institute neither quotas nor set-asides but simply this: when it’s close, the Oscar should go to the minority. In the case of two minorities […]

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Girls Will Be Girls


shutterstock_297217001I had long looked on the feminist project with an indulgent eye, feeling, along with Bertie Wooster, that girls will be girls and must be allowed their little enthusiasms. But I had assumed that after accomplishing the legitimate goals of the movement — equality before the law, and equal opportunity in education and employment — they would depart the field and find something else useful to do with their time, perhaps leaving behind a few stout sentries to defend their gains.

That’s not what has happened. Modern feminists have set about to remake society to comport with two bedrock, inviolable feminist principles. The first of these is that there are no significant differences between the sexes, that any apparent differences are the result of social conditioning from the earliest ages. To suggest that women might (in general) possess innate differences in some characteristic — greater empathy, let us say — is to mark oneself as a misogynist of the first order. The second principle is that any male-dominated organization or occupation would greatly benefit by increasing its female membership, as women bring a number of innate characteristics — greater empathy, for example — which their male counterparts woefully lack. To question this is to mark oneself as a misogynist of the first order.

In their efforts to align the rest of the world with these principles, feminists have encountered an unexpected obstacle: the wrong sorts of things make people happy. They are in the position of the dog food company of legend that went to enormous trouble and expense to develop and market the world’s finest dog food, only to find themselves faced with one minor problem: the dogs wouldn’t eat it. Whereas the dog food maker recognized its failure and didn’t attempt to breed a new sort of dog with a taste for its product, modern feminists are diligently working to produce a new sort of human more amenable to what they have on offer.

What Men Want


shutterstock_265843157“[Sex is] a contest to see who cares less, and guys win a lot at caring less,” Amanda says.

A brutal Vanity Fair column about the instant hookup world of Tinder shows one side of what men want and what they don’t. And it’s neither pretty nor surprising.

“When it’s so easy, when it’s so available to you,” Brian says intensely, “… it’s very hard to contain yourself.”

Gender No Longer Exists


bumper_bumper_stickerToday I made the mistake of turning to ABC for their morning network news. After being blinded by the pastels of their dollhouse-like set, I watched several bobble-headed women and one extremely handsome fellow discuss Target stores doing away with gender signs. The giddy news “person” reported that there will be no more girls’ toys or boys’ toys — just toys. No more girls’ or boys’ clothes — just clothes. They will remove pink wall paper from the Barbie aisle and remove blue from G.I. Joe’s section. Target wants to do away with any gender signage to create “balance.”

Why? ABC explained that a pierced, hair dyed, tattooed Mother was shocked, SHOCKED!!!, when she saw the evil gender signage. Abi Bechtel is a self referred feminist who doesn’t want her kids playing with toys meant for their own gender. It’s sexist!

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Today head-slapper: According to a new Harvard study—based on data gathered from focus groups, interviews, and several surveys, including one of roughly 20,000 11-to-18-year-old boys and girls from 59 public and private secondary schools—nearly a quarter of girls preferred male over female political leaders. What’s more, when asked about their gender preferences regarding managerial roles […]

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Science Requires We Not Call a Man a Woman


Jenner-711x999What’s my name? Muhammad Ali

“What’s my name? What’s my name?” In the eighth round of their 1967 bout, Muhammad Ali yelled that question to Ernie Terrell every time he hit him. Terrell refused to call the former Cassius Clay his new chosen name before the fight, and Ali wanted to make a point about it.

There was no politics to Terrell’s refusal. There was no religion about it. Terrell was trash-talking against the man who, regrettably, made trash-talking in sports mainstream. I never liked Ali the bully in the ring or Ali the coward outside the ring (full disclosure: I grew up a Joe Frazier fan).

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Recently on Twitter, I followed a series of posts and replies on the topic of chivalry and feminism. It began when National Review writer, Charles C.W. Cooke noted a tweet from a male feminist saying something along the lines of ‘we men need to do a better job of stopping sexist jokes and making sure […]

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