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“Dilbert” Creator Convicted of Thoughtcrime


DilbertThis is hilarious, but also sad: Scott Adams, the creator of the comic strip “Dilbert” and a man who has been convicted of thoughtcrime by the good folks at Gawker Media on more than one occasion, transgressed again this week.

Adams wrote a blog post entitled “Global Gender War” that decried the condition and treatment of women in areas dominated by radical Islam. He contrasted that treatment with conditions in Western nations, going on to say that the current, increasingly and alarmingly global battle in which we find ourselves is a clash between cultures that treat women well and cultures that treat them horribly. Adams also chalked up the fervor that fuels suicide bombers, et al., to an impulse of desperation by young men who have no access to anything sexual.

Gawker, of course, cannot allow that to stand.

Gawker’s Death Rattle


GawkerMediaThe only remaining question about the demise of Gawker Media is not whether it will die, but, rather, whether its inevitable death will come via a prolonged suicide, or, remarkably, at the hands of Hulk Hogan.

It’s looking more and more like the former scenario will win the race, and not just due to the potential defects in Hogan’s legal argument.

I won’t rehash the details of last week’s Gawker saga, except to say that the decision to remove the reprehensible article about David Geithner was not a popular one among Gawker Media’s newly-unionized editorial and writing workforce.

Member Post


Gawker has yanked its story alleging that Conde Nast CFO David Geithner solicited the company of a gay porn star. Geithner, the brother of former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, has a wife and kids. It’s difficult to imagine dealing with a worse outing.  Twitter took it to Gawker all day, accusing the outlet of bullying, privacy invasion, and tabloid journalism, and eventually […]

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Liberal Fascism in Action: Putting Man-Made Global Warming Skeptics in Jail


National Review’s Jonah Goldberg has spent a lot of time since the 2008 publication of his seminal work on the history of the progressive political movement defending the book’s title, Liberal Fascism. He can stop now.

Adam Weinstein, elite liberal journalist — who, sadly, has been reduced to writing “Rants” for Gawker — is example 13,873 that proves the thesis. And it’s a doozy.