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QotD: McVey on Reporters


Take it from me, America was a better place when its reporters were moody drunks with a high school education who learned to type in the Army.—Gary McVey

What could I say to improve on this? Gary nailed it. Reporters, uh, excuse me, journalists, or perhaps that should be spelled journalistes, with master’s degrees from high-end journalism schools have done the country no favors. Let’s go back to more guys (and gals) with practical real-world experience and shoe-leather reporting. James Lileks, Byron York, Salena Zito: these are some of the few good, old-style reporters we have today. Far better if we had ten of these for every Chris Cuomo.

QotD: What Is and Is Not a Conspiracy Theory


To count as a conspiracy, a plan involving two or more parties must be covert. Not even Alex Jones would talk of a Democratic Party conspiracy to field a candidate who can beat Trump. The term “conspiracy theory” is to be used and understood accordingly. Had Lee Harvey Oswald spoken just before his death of a second gunman on the grassy knoll, one would not be a conspiracy theorist for taking him seriously. The information could still be wrong, but someone disagreeing with it would have to engage in actual refutation. The same goes for all who seek to dismiss talk of the ROK government’s confederation drive as a conspiracy theory.—Brian Reynolds Myers

B. R. Myers was speaking of conspiracy theories in responding to another writer and in relation to perceptions of the South Korean President. Yet his point is more widely applicable. It’s not a conspiracy theory if the people involved are coming right out and saying, “Yes, we did this, and here is why.” As a perfect example of this, we have several people testifying before Congress while admitting to crimes because Orange Man Bad. Those crimes need to be prosecuted.