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Game Night (Reprise)


I’ve discovered a dynamic tool that teaches kids adding, subtracting, counting money, saving money, and making change. They learn a range of new vocabulary, practice reading, work on fine motor skills, and pick up some wisdom about life. The kids can’t get enough of it. No, it’s not some fancy computer game. It’s not a LeapPad, and it’s not a stuffed animal that talks to them. It’s a $10 Monopoly game from Wal-Mart.

Now, my mom warned me back when I was talking about getting the game for them that it would go over their heads. They took to it right away, but Mom was right insofar as playing Monopoly with a five-year-old and a seven-year-old is not like playing with my friends back when I was a pre-teen and young teenager. No, playing with these small opponents is a great deal more taxing. When you play Monopoly with young children, don’t be surprised if the following occur: