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Dinner Time at the Metaphor


Let’s say I prepared a great Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey was just right. Crispy brown skin, juicy and tender inside, and full of flavor. (Spatchcocked, of course.) All the side dishes were made just so. The mashed potatoes were fluffy and smooth, the gravy delicious. There was stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, baked macaroni and cheese, yeast rolls, crescent rolls, banana bread, pumpkin bread, and every family favorite, all perfectly prepared.

Of course, there were some compromises. Uncle Ben prefers smooth mashed potatoes but Uncle Jeff wants homestyle and lumpy. Uncle Tim likes water chestnuts in the dressing but Aunt Liz prefers it with no nuts at all. Some people like a breadcrumb topping on the mac and cheese. Others want homemade cranberry sauce instead of canned. Uncle Mitch wants to put powdered sugar on top of everything. Compromises were made. Overall the meal was prepared so the majority of the family would be happy.