Tag: Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II; British Royalty

There Will Always Be an England


As no one knows what the future holds, that is not said as anything even approaching a prediction, as there are certainly reasonable grounds on which the contrary may be, and have been, and will be, argued. That is simply stated to share our reaction after watching hours of pageantry this morning as the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II unfolded. As was said many times over the last few days, this is something many of us will never see again in our lifetimes, so it is worth at least briefly noting and stating the emotions we felt, and I am sure many felt, at seeing this most popular Head of State, and clearly most loved and admired, laid to rest.

How in the world to summarize all the glorious pomp and circumstance we just witnessed? Here are a few of our personal highlights: the magnificent tiny steps of the pallbearers, carrying a weight which must have been almost unbearable; the trumpets, the bagpipes, the ceremonial pulling by rope of the caisson by the Royal Navy, the dignity of all- from the King through the Royal Family and throughout the entire congregation- the incredibly beautiful Boys’ Choir (whose Moms and Grandmothers must have been glowing with pride), the singing of God Save The King and my very favorite moment, The Two Minutes’ Silence.