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Cutting Personal Ties Over Ideological Differences


It seems that Progressives have a harder time having personal relationships with people with whom they disagree than do conservatives. Why?

In this post, I am using “Progressive” as shorthand for a broad range of left-ish people and policies on ideological, political, and cultural issues because that seems to be the term the people with those views prefer, even though the true definition may be narrower. And I’m using “conservative” as shorthand for a broad range of right-ish people and policies even though there is lots of debate about who and what is properly covered by that word.

Marlin: Funeral for a Friend


I’d known him through middle school, high school, and college. Now Marlin was dead.

He was smart. With a friend from middle school, he shared an interest in astronomy, producing a newsletter (Stargazing Monthly) and eventually building a telescope and observatory on the property of one of our schools. When the time came, he chose to attend Biola University in La Mirada (Blah Mirada, to Marlin), majoring in psychology.

Tears and Laughter in Key Largo


“That can’t be right” I thought as I looked at the voicemail.  It was 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 13, 2021.  

Hi Dan, this is CTLaw. We met in DC a couple of years back. I had heard from Carol this morning that Boss Mongo was taken to the hospital with an apparent heart attack. I do not know the status. I’m keeping track. If I hear back. I’ll let you know. (this is slightly redacted to protect CT).

School’s Out and So Am I … Some Thoughts


My school finishes officially on Thursday. This will be my last year; I gave notice in March that I would be leaving at the end of the school year. I leave with my professional relationships in a good place, which I think is always preferable.

It’s been a long year. Some of you might remember the post I wrote after the first day of school when I was overwhelmed by the demands of the new hybrid year. The prospect of nine months surrounded by those cables and machines was intimidating. It got better, as all things do in time, but it remained exhausting to teach remote and in-person students simultaneously. Students and their parents took advantage of the school’s generous remote option. A doctor’s appointment at 3 pm became an excuse not to come to school at all that day and to attend classes remotely, turning what might have been a pleasant and traditional “in-person” class into a dreadful experience with the Teams video (the student always had their camera off, protesting, “my computer is broken, it’ll be fixed soon”). Any exercise planned for in-person had to be scrapped in favor of something that could be done with the remote student. These changes were often discovered last minute, 5-10 minutes before class. Some students simply didn’t come to school at all, even if they hadn’t applied for the remote option; they were just remote every day without an excuse because they “didn’t feel well.” Other students were discovered to be working in public-facing jobs after school at retail stores even though they had applied to be remote students for the year, which made teachers incredulous (to say the least). They went to great lengths to prepare their virtual lessons using new technology they had adopted this year to accommodate the remote students and yet from 3:30 pm, those remote students were working the cash register at The Gap in busy suburban malls, surrounded by people. The administration took note of low teacher morale and tried to take a stand in the 4th quarter but by then it was a bit late.

Trying to Fit In


Most people, at least early in life, want to fit in, don’t they? As far back as I can remember, I don’t recall having that desire. Maybe because I never did fit in. I was an introvert and kept my own company. I figured that being alone was the nature of life.

Then life surprised me.

Member Post


Does this seem like an obvious question? I discovered that there are many answers, but for me recently, the answer wasn’t predictable, and the results of our time away were more than gratifying. We feel as if we’ve been in a war with California for a long time. Still, we’ve been planning a vacation in […]

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It must have been 1988 when I first heard of the Irish Lion, a restaurant and pub in Bloomington, Indiana. And having heard of it it was not long before several of my fraternity brothers and I made our first road trip south from Wabash  College in Crawrfordsville to the Lion, which was conveniently located right […]

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