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Public Unions May Get Their Due


Mark Janus, who works for the state government in Illinois sued AFSCME, saying he does not agree with its positions and should not be forced to pay fees to support its work..

Public employee unions may have fleeced taxpayers one time too many. Two court cases involving Illinois residents resisting forced union fees and representation may give the US Supreme Court the opportunity to restore employee and taxpayer freedoms.

Supreme Court Cases to Watch This Month


shutterstock_104498510This first Monday in October raises several cases that might turn the Supreme Court 180 degrees from the last term. If 2014-15 was an unmitigated disaster for conservatives, with Court decisions overturning gay marriage bans in the states and upholding Obamacare’s tax subsidies, 2015-16 presents cases that may bring conservative victories.

These are the cases to watch — but maybe we can start taking bets here on how the cases will come out, which means predicting the all-important desires of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who will no doubt be the decisive fifth vote in all of them.

Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin: Can state universities use an applicant’s race in making admissions decisions? The Court narrowly split in upholding Michigan’s affirmative action plan a decade ago, and Justice O’Connor, who joined the liberals to uphold the use of race, has been replaced by Justice Alito.