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I Kinda Wanna See Le Pen Win. Is That Bad?


I’ve been interested in the French presidential election since at least January of this year. I think it’s because it has the potential for upset that our presidential election displayed. For even this casual observer of national French politics this election is unique and exciting, relative to recent elections.

I’m not a fan of Le Pen’s politics but it seems to me that her campaign is becoming a symbol for challenging the conventional wisdom. We’re supposed to believe that everyone is in love with a One Europe concept when people actually do have interests closer to home that are often in conflict with that vision. Le Pen shouldn’t be where she is if it’s true that she’s such an extremist. When you’re the second most popular candidate for President you are not, by definition, extreme.

I get a kick out of seeing insubordinate voters not complying with the agenda that certain people think they have a right to decide for us. We certainly saw that with our presidential election and I see a similar dynamic with the French election. That’s the parallel I see, more so than protectionism or immigration. I look forward to the prospect of seeing pundits on TV stammer their way through the aftermath of another upset election. It just makes me giggle.

Richard Epstein reacts to the first round of balloting in the French presidential election and explains the implications for the broader state of politics in Europe.