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“Ukraine is fighting the free world’s fight for democracy today.  The United States government, along with the governments of other countries, needs to realize that if there’s an invasion,  there will be two, three,  or even four million refugees flooding into  the European Union, which will make the influx from Syria look like a prelude.  […]

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“Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance, it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people.” – Ronald Reagan, sworn in as 33rd Governor of California, January 2, 1967 (delivered First […]

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Real Enemy, Real Freedom


Why is America eroding? Why does it seem like we can’t get “unstuck” from the inevitable cycle of decline? I believe it has to do with what we might not yet identify as the real enemy of our Republic. The truth might be uncomfortable. And what we might fail to remember is real freedom.

Os Guinness’s 2012 book, A Free People’s Suicide, takes St. Augustine’s basis for politics as the starting point for freedom. Augustine suggested “loved things held in common” are the basis of freedom. Guinness goes one step more with the saint. We may use loved things held in common to diagnose the health of our nation.

What do we hold in common? Is it enough to sustain our freedom? Or is our freedom eroding because our loved things held in common have been debased—or are vanishing?

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We didn’t really discuss politics at Christmas dinner this year. The conversation was actually funny and disturbing at the same time, even minus the politics.  I’ll save parts of it for later. I did have a somewhat political conversation with a dear friend and client, when we met to share lunch and gifts. She asked […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the decision of Americans to leave high-tax blue states like New York, California, and Illinois and move to free states like Idaho, Utah, Texas, and Florida. But they do have one request for these new arrivals! They also cringe as the evidence seems to pile up that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine early next year. And they discuss President Biden’s bewildering response to a question about whether his administration was unprepared for the Omicron variant.

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The movie Braveheart is a fictional account of the historic Scot, William Wallace. Wallace is legendary as a freedom fighter against English rule in the 13th and 14th centuries. The Hollywood version of the story notwithstanding, the theme of the movie for all people is the same. Having been betrayed and led to his execution, […]

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I’ve been wanting to do the Ancestry research for awhile, even the DNA thing and held off.  I think I want to go ahead and do it, and share with my sister as part of a special Christmas gift.  Can anyone suggest their successes (or not) with this research?  Are there different levels and were […]

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Poland Fighting For Its Freedom – Why Doesn’t America?


Poland is fighting against a powerful tide – more like a tidal wave. The leadership is fighting for its sovereignty, freedom, and the heart and soul of a country that has suffered so much. Does that sound familiar?  The European Union is not amused.  Maybe it is because Poland only threw off the stranglehold of communism in 1989, and they remember the oppression.  That’s only 32 years ago.  Can you imagine for a moment if the United States was only free for the last 32 years?

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, in an October 18 letter to EU leaders:

Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal has ruled that Polish law takes precedence over European Union law. The landmark ruling, which seeks to reassert national sovereignty over certain judicial matters, has called into question the legitimacy of the EU’s supranational legal and political order.

What Is Happening to Our Country?


What is happening to our country? @docrobert posted about the supply chain issue, focusing on California ports (just one port of many), but these supply shortages and delivery issues are just one, in a long list of serious problems in the “new, woke Biden administration’s America.” Our Transportation Czar, Pete Buttigieg, has taken a maternity leave since August, to stay home with his gay partner. Dear Mr, Buttigieg, you may have a doctor before your name, but neither you nor your partner carried a child for nine months, or went through a grueling and exhausting delivery, and never will. Why such a long leave? In the meantime, people are waiting for building materials, appliances, furniture, computers, auto parts, and many other critical supplies, that you should be on the job resolving. Pete, can you address the country on our supply chain and delivery issues and what you are doing about it?

The babies arrived amid the delay of a bipartisan infrastructure bill and growing concerns over product shortages and the sluggish transport of goods, inconveniences that have only grown more biting as the pandemic continues.  On Friday, Mr. Buttigieg’s twins cooed in the background as he spoke by phone about the “pro-family” policies.

Let’s continue:

Tyranny Watch


In my waning years, I find the state of our wonderfully conceived nation deeply disturbing. We once were rightfully the land of the free. Now? Tyranny is not complete but getting extremely close:

  • Vaccine mandates.
  • Use of fear for manipulation (mask mandates, shutdowns).
  • Changing the rules to favor cronies (producers of vaccines rather than cheap, effective treatment alternatives such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, which they made illegal to prescribe in many places).
  • Barriers to emigration (vaccine passports, exit taxes).
  • Department of Justice intimidation of public meeting protests and keeping Jan. 6 protestors in jail with overcharges.
  • Conspiracy of the deep staters and complicit media to bring down an outsider who became the country’s leader (Russiagate).
  • Fraud, irregularities, and elimination of voting security to manipulate “elections.”
  • The death of free speech due to the technopolitical complex’s cancel culture.
  • Making criminals of folks who tell the truth about government incompetence.
  • Consistent lies from the technopolitical complex (e.g., false claims that Jan. 6 was an “insurrection” while the Antifa-BLM riots and burnings were “mostly peaceful,” unvaccinated citizens threaten the health of the vaccinated, masks don’t work, then so and on and on).

The continued judicial support of the Second Amendment offers some comfort, but I don’t see any movement toward flexing that muscle.

Who Is That Nutty Klaus Schwab?


Some may have heard of The Great Reset, an overhaul of our entire worldwide economic system to usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. There is plenty of information on all of that, but who is Klaus Schwab?  He is the president and founder of the World Economic Forum. He is currently the person leading this “great” reset of world society as we know it. Did we know there was a reset coming and did we vote for it? Are all countries subject to these new sweeping changes described in The Great Reset,  that will impact how and if we work, what we own, what we eat, how we commute, how we bank, what we earn, and many other things that we have always taken for granted as personal choices. It gets better…..

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is leaving the old and introducing the new. According to Klaus, this includes an entirely digital world, where “computers” will run everything, and this can be done even on a personal level by inserting a chip into your brain or your hand. This has been in the plan for some time.  Here is Klaus in his own words five years ago – 2016:

Follow Wisdom First — Then Science


Fellow Ricochet member @flicker recently shared a video on COVID-19 in one of our groups. I was so impressed by it, I had to post it here. It’s lengthy, but take the time. I say that because it involves your health, well-being, and our collective future. It was encouraging, if that word can ever coincide with this nasty pandemic. It features Dr. Robert Malone, a creator of the mRNA technology, a delivery system of medicine that has and will continue to revolutionize treating many diseases with a targeted approach.

The other person is someone called Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche. While his field is veterinary medicine, he is so full of wisdom in the study of this virus and contributes tremendous amounts of insight into its evolution and treatment options at this point, and what to expect going forward.

While We Were Sleeping


The alarming thing has nothing to do with health or elections or wars. The alarming thing is the control of lies. It would be nice if we could eliminate all the lies and have nothing but truth left, as that would clear a lot of things up. The problem and what makes it the alarming thing is, who gets to decide?

YouTube announced it is removing accounts it considers to be providing misinformation. It could be right, and maybe it is misinformation. If it is, it should be removed, or should it? I think it probably has a right under its terms of use. But should it remove information, even if it’s proven to be bad information?

I Am Not Safe


If I am not free to speak my mind, that is one thing (and not a good thing). But if I am not free to point to an objective standard, if my belief in words like “fact” or “truth” are questioned, now I have become unacceptable for saying some things are “fictions,” some things are “false,” and I am not safe. Now when I question a top-down mandate or authoritarian decisions which are based on one point of view, others denounced out-of-hand, I am not safe. What is more damning is when leaders can say one thing one day, another thing on another day, and those given the responsibility to question and report leave that role to me because they are silent, I am not safe. When my field of inquiry ignores then dismisses another point of view after which authorities attack their work eliminating their voice, and I stand up for them, I am not safe. When creators who create content whose position runs contrary to the cultural narrative of the day, their videos taken down, their words no longer accepted, and I point this out, I am not safe.

The slow slide toward dictatorship that some warn about which is then pooh-poohed by the intelligentsia because checkers of facts declare it so, and I point out the hypocrisy of choosing some facts but not all facts, I am not safe. When autocrats demean the very people they have sworn to protect, and I point out the psychology of refusal after the population is demeaned, I am not safe. When a person of color is egregiously attacked by both untruths and physical violence – but the individual does not subscribe to mainstream accepted views – that attack attracts little attention in the mainstream news outlets, and I point this out, I am not safe. The assaults on freedom of speech (or the active suppression of speech) depend not just on freedom “from” censorship but freedom “to” ground truth-telling in certainty.

Read historical accounts of the people who lived through dictatorships. Each story revolves around Hannah Arendt’s thesis in “The Origins of Totalitarianism.” Hannah Arendt, who understood discrimination as a Jew, and was a critic of Hitler and Stalin during and after WWII, wrote,

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They say COVID was and is an “opportunity” to “Build Back Better”. This is the mantra of the World Economic Forum, our current president and other world leaders.  It includes many goals that seem good, even virtuous and “inevitable”. I appreciate learning. I also don’t want to become an older person who is closed-minded to […]

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Click here to listen to the podcast On this episode of the Resistance Library Podcast, Sam and Dave discuss the subtle differences between “freedom” vs. “liberty.” The terms “freedom” and “liberty” have become clichés in modern political parlance. Because these words are invoked so much by politicians and their ilk, their meanings are almost synonymous […]

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Thunderous Silence of Women’s Rights Leaders about Afghan Women’s Rights


Those who have freedom must speak on behalf of those who do not. This past week saw protests in London (picture) and Washington DC (“Biden Betrayed Us” NYT one-minute video) as the administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has left women without protection from the Taliban. In the past, phrases such as “See, Hear, Say” and “Silence is Violence” have rightly condemned brutality against women, no matter the context. The world must hear from female leaders in the US government (Vice President Kamala Harris comes to mind, while a U.N. spokesperson has responded) who have championed women’s rights in the past but whose voices have yet to be heard over the past week.

Truth be told, it has been the American military that, for 20 years, has been the safeguard for women in Afghanistan. [See my “American Soldier” and “Afghanistan” from this past week.] The manner in which US forces have been withdrawn has left vulnerable the women and children of Afghanistan. Neither policy groups, nor conferences, nor stern warnings will stop men from making Afghani women into sexual slaves. Afghan nationals living in free countries such as England and America have spoken. But it would be good to hear from outspoken women’s rights leaders who have spoken in the past. Right now, the silence is thunderous. [Picture credit: Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash.]

Addendum, from my Facebook post this weekend:

While You Were Watching Afghanistan, This Aired on 60 Minutes


Amazon testing a driverless truck.

In case you missed the “60 Minutes” segment on driverless trucks, you need to catch up. Just last weekend, a very interesting segment dated August 15 caught my eye. A story emerged about driverless trucks, semis, that transport all our goods and services, and employ millions of truckers in our country. What was so bizarre about the story was the lack of awareness by the truckers themselves, their unions, their industry, about this so-called “quiet” testing of driverless big rigs on the road.

We all see the big transporters on the highways delivering the very lifeblood of our nation’s products — food, building supplies, car parts — everything that we use to function as a nation. Unbeknownst to the truckers, driverless trucks, guided by AI — sophisticated computer systems that include WI-FI and GPS — are guiding these big rigs down American highways at high rates of speed (of course, observing the speed limit), while also recording the license plates around them, and everything else.

This is Not Normal, Not Even a New Normal


If you are feeling bat-[bleep] crazy, or just plain bats (I hate to use that term bats, due to the Wuhan crap and is now associated with COVID), I just want to say (shout)  – you are not alone! Not by a longshot. You, my friend, are not crazy, but normal in every sense of the word, so rest assured. The circumstances around you are not right. Your sense that this is the case, is normal, so check that box. What is not normal is what we are witnessing around us. Let’s examine:

Gender – I read on my Apple News, that comes through on my phone whether I want it or not, that the head of the American “Medical” Association wants to reject putting any sex or gender on a new birth certificate. It is now about feelings that are subject to change. Are you kidding? Please resign. Even Mother Nature knows this is ridiculous and not normal, not in the bird world, or the dog world, or even the bat world, will any of God’s creatures ever give birth to a fluid-gender, confused new life. This is orchestrated.

Sovereignty and Patriotism – Being proud to be an American has always been part of our heritage. Italians are proud of Italy, their heritage, and many pasta recipes; Greeks are proud of their very long lineage, olives and feta, and so forth. We all share a common love of country, family, and a delicious, multicultural soup, that I cannot imagine a homogenized sameness, where border safety and our history are looked at as bad. Yet we are being intimidated to do just that. America was and is a refuge – a place where you can speak freely, be safe, where law and order are part of the fabric of a society without a fear or intimidation of imprisonment, censorship, or job loss because of one’s beliefs. That only happens in communist and totalitarian regimes, right? Not anymore. This is not normal.