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Follow Wisdom First — Then Science


Fellow Ricochet member @flicker recently shared a video on COVID-19 in one of our groups. I was so impressed by it, I had to post it here. It’s lengthy, but take the time. I say that because it involves your health, well-being, and our collective future. It was encouraging, if that word can ever coincide with this nasty pandemic. It features Dr. Robert Malone, a creator of the mRNA technology, a delivery system of medicine that has and will continue to revolutionize treating many diseases with a targeted approach.

The other person is someone called Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche. While his field is veterinary medicine, he is so full of wisdom in the study of this virus and contributes tremendous amounts of insight into its evolution and treatment options at this point, and what to expect going forward.

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I do not know how many people here follow the situation with Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Assange is being held as a prisoner in Great Britain for his supposed coercion of Chelsea Manning with regards to her illegal leaks of information relating to military operations during the US invasion of Iraq. Preview Open

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On this AEI Events Podcast, Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) delivers a keynote address at a conference on discussing democracy in crisis. The event, co-hosted by AEI, Freedom House, and the Center for American Progress, marked the release of Freedom House’s report “Freedom in the World 2018.”

In his keynote, Sen. Sasse emphasized that while freedom is not unique the United States, it is uniquely America’s advantage.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are glad to see the NFL concluding that the national anthem protests need to move to an actual effort to improve community-police relations and that the players ought to stand.  They also slam Twitter for the second time this week, this time for suspending the Twitter account of actress Rose McGowan, who was assaulted by Harvey Weinstein and has called out actor Ben Affleck for not admitting he knew of Weinstein’s past.  And they shake their heads as Fox News host Sean Hannity hammers Sen. Ben Sasse for being critical of President Trump’s call for licenses of media outlets to be challenged over “fake news.”

A Sign of Things to Come?


Trump’s antagonistic relationship with the press is well documented and he’s treated with more disdain than any other candidate in the race. Nevertheless, many — myself included — were alarmed that Trump wishes to open up libel laws and were aghast when he appeared to condone his supporters’ roughing-up of a protester. Well, apparently the intimidation game has progressed to assaulting reporters:

According to multiple witnesses present at last night’s Donald Trump press conference, where he celebrated another string of primary victories by showing off his dubiously-branded line of products, Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski “forcibly yanked”Brietbart News reporter Michelle Fields, “nearly bringing her down to the ground” as she tried to ask a question of the Republican presidential frontrunner.