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Start Paying Attention to Social Security, Whatever Your Age


After the late Sen. Robert Dole (R-KS) passed away earlier this month, I visited YouTube to watch his Senate farewell address. He resigned from the Senate as Majority Leader and as the Senior Senator from Kansas on June 11, 1996. I had a front-row seat for his speech as Secretary of the Senate.

During that speech, Dole considered helping extend the solvency of Social Security, which teetered on the edge of bankruptcy in 1983, as his single most significant legislative achievement, among many. It was a bipartisan agreement that included reforms insisted by Republicans (phasing in the age to receive full retirement benefits, including mine) and tax hikes demanded by Democrats. It was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan, flanked by a happy bipartisan delegation from Congress, along with Treasury Secretary Don Regan.

When Progressives Last Ran America


“There is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

A major pandemic that killed more than 600,000 Americans is finally winding down. Taxes are raised on individuals and corporations. The nation has experienced the most progressive presidency in American history. White supremacy is a major threat, as race riots hit some cities. Systemic racism is everywhere. Soldiers are coming home after a long war. A reportedly debilitated President is largely protected by his spouse. Major movements are afoot to improve the human condition.

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After FDR ran for his fourth term and then promptly died very early in his term, the Republicans and others decided that we had to stop the temptation for megalomaniacs to see themselves as indispensable to the country. It is a national disgrace that a near dead man was used to get the Democratic Party […]

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Did Hillary Flunk a History Lesson?


ap4101061184-7dbed01724926c75c9cd901e18556a9f6a444529-s500-c85So Hillary Clinton has formally (choose your favorite verb) launched/rebooted/re-packaged/re-introduced her presidential campaign in a Saturday speech on New York City’s Roosevelt Island. My question going into the event: which Roosevelt would she channel in making her case to be America’s 45th president?

Choice A: Eleanor Roosevelt, for whom Mrs. Clinton has long expressed an affinity as a fellow First Lady (some reporters speculated that Hillary’s “Scooby” ride through Iowa was inspired in part by Eleanor’s famous jaunt in a Buick Roadster).

Choice B: Theodore Roosevelt and his rough-riding progressivism of 110 years ago – spirited anti-corporate rhetoric (Hillary’s even shown a willingness to appropriate one of T.R.’s more famous phrases, “in the arena”).