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The Map

Let’s start with a simple question. How long is the coastline of Lake Superior? Here, let me google that for you. “Shore length 1,729 mi (2,783 km) plus 997 mi (1,605 km) for islands”. Thanks, Wikipedia! Right away we can see a problem. Are you counting those islands or not? I’m saying count every last thing. All of it. Okay, include the islands. What other complications are we going to run into?


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“The commuters with faint effort maneuvered onto the onramps of the 5 and 405 freeways and melded into the hundreds and thousands of other vehicles destined for Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles and beyond. The lifeblood of the greater southern California heart being fed every morning with chrome fiberglass, and rubber blood cells. Every cell with a purpose — a destination in the greater host organism to perform, shine, bluster, bully, hide-out, survive, commiserate, and exchange information in their eight-hour, stress-laden, boredom-laden slice of time in their collective, deceptively un-choreographed effort to keep the sprawling city-state alive.”

The excerpt above is from another unfinished novel that I started several years ago.