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Ricochetti love to argue. Lawyers love to argue. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many Ricochetti are lawyers. That makes total sense, right? Or maybe it doesn’t. It’s an example of faulty logic, even if it’s factually true. Very few of us are ever taught logic; most of what I knew before I started studying for the law […]

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Formal Logic Undressed: The Screencast


On September 21st of this year, I led a workshop on formal logic at the Scala World conference in the beautiful Lake District of England. Although everyone was very kind about it, I completely failed to manage my time adequately, and essentially the last third of the workshop was therefore rushed and probably rendered nearly incomprehensible. So I decided to recreate the workshop as a screencast. It might appeal to those of you who are interested in logic, especially interactive development of proofs with automated tools, as well as to a philosopher or two, and to computer programmers who are curious about the relationship between programming and logic.

The really ambitious are encouraged to install Coq and PeaCoq and follow along at home. :-)