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I will be spending this Christmas at work, caring for those who cannot care for themselves. In the high stress world of healthcare, mistakes can come with a cost, and as a result, nurses are notoriously exacting, unforgiving, and sometimes severe. The few times I have made a medication error (it happens, we’re human), I […]

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Is It Possible To Forgive Someone Who Isn’t Sorry?


Forgiveness is the central tenant of Christianity, and Jesus is very clear that — if we want to be forgiven — we must be willing to forgive. Even on the cross, He said “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do,” indicating that we must be willing to forgive, even when those who need our forgiveness are not sorry.

But there is a wide gap between being willing to forgive someone, and actually forgiving them. We can be willing to forgive all day and all night — indeed, every day and every night — but the person who has done wrong must be willing to repent and accept forgiveness before love and peace can be restored to a broken relationship.