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American pop culture isn’t the only one infested with gay propaganda and imagery.  This video from BiSH, オーケストラ (“Orchestra”) features a storyline about a schoolgirl romance. It’s a beautifully done video. BiSH always does wonderful videos. (And sometimes devastating, heartbreaking, leave you crying videos {And you don’t need to speak a word of Japanese to be […]

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Cambodian Popular Music


I recently introduced Cambodian popular music to a few friends. One thought the Khmer language sounded odd but the songs sounded interesting, and the other two thought it was okay. So I thought I should do the same to my fellow Ricochet members.

From the late 1940s to 1975, Cambodia had a pretty thriving pop music scene. Our pop music is influenced by our traditional and folk music as well as French, English, and Japanese Enka. Cambodian popular music consists of pop, rock, and dance songs. Dance songs are based on several of our folk tunes. We sing and dance to these folk-based pop songs on New Year Days and at wedding receptions. All songs are pre-1975, and since all songs are pre-1975, the majority of the artists are dead.