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Writing on Oscar Movies


This was the year of Scorsese, even if only two people say so — the three-Oscar-winning writer-director-producer of the four-Oscar-winning Parasite, Bong Joon-ho — and me. Tarantino should have swept the Awards, but the Academy still desperately hopes that a sufficient number of sufficiently clever and sentimental auteurs will save cinema from the twin evils of Disney, perpetually snubbed, and Netflix, perpetually snubbed despite throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at winning a Best Picture Oscar.

Recent victorious auteurs include the insightful, but irresponsible enemy of liberalism Jordan Peele, the uninspired, sentimental Guillermo del Toro, his more insightful friend who’s absolutely clueless about the world we live in, Alejandro Inarritu — to say nothing of the other moralistic winners based on the hope that finally Hollywood will fix America’s race problems: Green Book, Moonlight, 12 years of slave…

‘Ford v Ferrari’: High-Octane Awesome!


Go see it! You won’t be disappointed. Just watch your speed departing the theater parking lot.

My only complaint: while at a Thanksgiving get-together, I mentioned that I loved this movie, some car snob, know-it-all kept talking about how it wasn’t the “real” story. Then we all had to hear the real story. Jerk.

But the movie is awesome. Normally I’m not a fan of Matt Damon because of his liberal politics but for this movie, I overlooked it and, boy, I was not disappointed. Christian Bale is damn good and really steals the show. And, overall, there wasn’t a weak performance to be found.

21st Century Ambulance Chasers: We Bring Our Own Ambulance


We dropped off Xerox at school yesterday afternoon so that he could catch the team bus for his lacrosse away game and then the wife and I were going to grab a sandwich and then head for the stadium in time to take in both the JV and Varsity squads. As our car approached an intersection, the car in front of us signaled to make a left turn into a business and I slowed down accordingly. That’s when I glanced into the rearview mirror and saw a silver Honda bearing down on us like an offering from Little Rocket Man.

If I had not reacted as quickly as I did we would have ended up as the cream in a steel and plastic Oreo, but a quick turn of the steering wheel forced our car to the side of the vehicle in front of us when the inevitable sickening crunch came with the accompanying sickening jolt. Luckily, everyone was wearing their seat belts and the Honda took the brunt of the damage when compared to our Ford SUV. (USA! USA! USA!)

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America see a teachable moment as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo blames President Trump and the GOP tax reform for many wealthy people leaving his state over high taxes, but the solution would seem to be pretty simple.  They’re also surprised to see 50 percent of Democratic voters in Virginia approving of Ralph Northam as governor – even after the yearbook controversy.  And they react to the accuser of Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax hiring Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley for not humoring scurrilous accusations against Brett Kavanaugh and for demanding Dr. Ford turn over the evidence she claims will back up her allegations.  They also shake their heads as Sen. Jeff Flake suggests Kavanaugh’s demeanor towards committee Democrats is not something that belongs on the Supreme Court, making them wonder whether Republicans really have the votes for confirmation.  And they throw up their hands at how both sides react to Ford’s former boyfriend stating under oath that she helped a friend prepare for a polygraph examination, which would contradict her sworn testimony.  Some conservatives are treating the allegation as fact while liberals are suddenly horrified by the prospect of reporting uncorroborated accusations.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss how Brett Kavanaugh’s passionate defense of his character and record and Sen. Lindsey Graham’s denunciation of Senate Democrats galvanized most Republicans around the Kavanaugh nomination.  They also slam the mainstream media for continuing it’s appallingly biased coverage of Kavanaugh, this time horrified that the judge was angry for being accused of being a gang rapist and that his wife and daughters are the recipients of death threats.  And they roll their eyes as Democratic Sen. Dick Blumenthal, who lied about being a Vietnam veteran for years, grilled Kavanaugh on questions of credibility.

Flake’s Unaware He’s In A War


Image result for Senator Flake AvenattiFor the past week, everyone I have come in contact with says they are furious. I am furious. Anger over the clearly politically driven power grab and coup attempt hijacking a constitutional process that was about to seat a Conservative appointee on the Supreme Court. Granted, most of my circle are right of center. My monthly cigar group is a seething, frothing group of men of a certain age who are incredulous over the blatantly political, rank accusations. However, what has surprised me are those friends who dislike, even despise President Trump, who are deeply uncomfortable with this sad, disgusting chapter in our country’s political history. They also believe this is a horrific political hit job on a decent man.

I am old enough to remember Obama’s liberal appointees — Justices Kagan and Sotomayer — enjoying their confirmation process with dignity and respect.

I remember Justice Clarence Thomas being branded and still being accused of sexual assault with zero proof.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are thoroughly disgusted as Senate Democrats unveil their talking points, simultaneously demanding an FBI investigation to the get to the truth of the allegation against Brett Kavanaugh and stating they believe the accuser.  They also shudder as Trump allies and the Republican National Committee are terrified that many Trump voters are thoroughly convinced the Democrats have no chance to win the midterm elections and suggest GOP turnout may suffer as a result.  And they unload on former George W. Bush strategist and current Never Trump ABC News figure Matthew Dowd for suggesting that we should always believe the female in “he said, she said” situations.