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In this episode of the “New Skills Marketplace” podcast, Andy Smarick (AEI) and John Bailey (AEI) sit down with Brian Jones from Strayer University to discuss innovations in higher education.

Brian first gives an overview of Strayer University and the nontraditional students that Strayer serves [2:51]. Next, Brian describes how “mindsets of behaviors” add value to students in the eyes of employers [9:09]. Brian then offers his opinion on the role that policy should play in closing the skills gap [16:25]. Finally, Andy and John reflect on their conversation with Brian.

Obama, a Modern-day Lucius Mummius Achaicus?


The number of Obama Administration attacks on private industry are simply too numerous to count. A Google search of the Environmental Protection Agency’s “War on Coal” produces more than 2.8 million results! But the onslaught isn’t reserved only to the energy industry. The private sector “zone” is so flooded by relentless federal pressure that many of these regulatory crusades fail to get noticed anymore.

One such Presidential war that has largely escaped notice is the effort to obliterate for-profit higher education which the free market produced to fill in the gaps in service from the public and non-profit universities.