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Trump Just Did David McCormick a Big Favor


Former President Donald Trump hasn’t hidden his ambition for another return to the White House. Short of an announcement, he’s strongly hinted that his supporters will “like” his eventual announcement. His poll numbers look good right now.

Meanwhile, according to Ballotpedia, Trump has issued 442 political endorsements since leaving office. That includes 14 gubernatorial candidates and 16 US Senate contests. He previously endorsed author Sean Parnell for the GOP nomination for US Senate. But Parnell dropped out after losing an ugly child custody case to his ex-wife.

Why Processed Foods?


A major study has been published linking processed foods of all kinds to cancer. This being the case, why would anyone ever eat processed foods?

It has been a long time, almost 100 years, since people had to worry all the time about the food they ate being spoiled or contaminated. In those times this problem was just a given. Babies dying from being fed raw cow’s milk, people dying of food poisoning, spoiled meat, or any number of other things, was just a feature of life. At one point, it is estimated, 30 percent of the people in London were suffering from one form of gastrointestinal disease or another and almost all of this from bad food. People died from this all the time.