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The Legend of Thunder and Lightning


This is part 3 of my Cambodian Literature Series. The previous two parts are Cambodian Romeo and Juliet and Folktale for the Shrimp. Below is my translation of this particular tale.

Since time immemorial, deep in the jungle in a land known as Cambodia, lived a hermit of immense power. The hermit had three disciples, a human prince named Vorak Chhun, a celestial nymph called Moni Mekhela and a giant prince named Ream Eyso. All three disciples were very determined and hardworking students. They were also very competitive, always trying to one-up one another.

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Below is part 1 of my Cambodian Literature series. The following is my translation of this folktale.  There was once a wolf who roamed around the fields for food, and when a cool breeze started blowing he would go to dried up lakes and ponds to catch fish. One time, upon arriving at a small […]

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