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Rafael Mangual interviewed NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea to discuss how recent legislative and policy shifts in New York present new challenges for police in America’s biggest city.

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Former NYPD and LAPD commissioner William J. Bratton joins Brian Anderson to discuss the troubling state of crime and law enforcement in America, the NYPD’s decision to disband its plainclothes unit, the challenges of police morale and recruitment, and more.

Floyd Protest and Riot Charges Filed; Injury and Fatality Reports


We’ve seen news outlets ignore looting and murder while reporting “mostly peaceful” demonstrations. A week ago, 60 Secret Service officers were wounded by “mostly peaceful protestors” who likely also set fire to a historical Episcopalian Church. After AG Barr reset the protest line a block away to better protect police and historical landmarks, the usual suspects accused Orange Man Bad of clearing “peaceful protestors” for a photo op. Just one of thousands of truths that don’t fit the narrative for many alleged journalists. Most importantly, there are the murdered, the wounded, and those charged with felonies in connection with this assault on our nation.

I tried searching on this topic and found next to nothing. I have seen many murders and beatings on YouTube, but the search engines that can find a gnat named Bernie in Tierra del Fuego are stumped. It is very hard not to be cynical.

There are some who would like to see that the names are not seen, the stories not known. Mike Pence as reported by Fox News: