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Join Jim and Greg as they get a kick out of Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly tripping all over his words when asked whether he thinks President Biden is doing a good job. They also applaud Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for giving some of his huge campaign funds to help elect other Republicans in his state, and they hammer Charlie Crist his for comparing DeSantis to Satan and himself to Christ. Finally, they cringe at the latest horrible inflation numbers that are getting worse in many ways, even as the Biden administration tries to convince us things are getting better.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer a very strong ad from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis that uses Floridians from all walks of life mentioning how his policies have made their lives better. They also are intrigued to see the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette call our John Fetterman for being unable to take part in debates and the New York Times start to lay expectations for the defeat of Stacey Abrams in Georgia. Finally, they shake their heads at the left looking to California as the leaders in progressive energy policy…only to see California suffering rolling blackouts and and energy restrictions as a heat wave rolls in.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome news that Democrats in Florida admit being “fatalistic” in knowing Republicans are very likely to win statewide races. They also unload on the Biden administration over it’s plan to “forgive” $10,000 in student loans and pass the bill over to people who never took out the loans or responsibly paid their bills. Finally, they discuss Rep. Jerry Nadler’s surprisingly easy win in a member vs. member New York House primary and Rep. Carolyn Maloney blaming her loss – at least in part – on misogyny and a sexist system.


Illegal border crossings reached yet another all-time high in apprehensions of illegal border crossers in July, with the year-to-date total of 1.8 million apprehensions exceeding the number encountered in all of FY2021. More importantly, the number of illegal crossers who are released into the country, together with the “gotaways” who avoided arrest, is at an all-time high. Since the Biden administration shows no sign of changing policies to reduce illegal entries, some states have moved to buffer their citizens from the consequences of this influx. Florida has been the most innovated and assertive in marshaling state authorities to address these consequences, including empaneling a statewide grand jury with expansive investigative powers to attack the criminal infrastructure that drives illegal immigration and to hold accountable those who participate in illegal migration-related criminal schemes.

Dan Cadman, a senior fellow at the Center and a former senior ICE official, explains the role and powers of this grand jury and the possible impact it may have. One focus for the jury will be the smuggling of unaccompanied minors into the country and the implications for parents who pay smugglers to transport their children from their home countries. The grand jury may also look at whether certain local governments, reportedly including Miami-Dade County, are following Florida law, which requires them to assist ICE in taking custody of criminal aliens.

Jim and Greg continue their week of special podcasts by focusing on the critical 2022 midterm elections.  They start by looking at the most competitive U.S. Senate races and come to different conclusions about which party is likely to be in control of the Senate next year. They also look at the race for the House, which is likely to swing back to GOP control, but is it a lock and how big of a GOP majority is reasonable to expect?  Finally, they examine the highest profile governor races, which may produce presidential contenders before too long.

UCF Honors the Law Prohibiting Anti-Racist Statements


How many times have you asked yourself what would it take to stop the universities from insisting that students and professors are racists? Surprisingly, in Florida, it hasn’t taken much effort at all, thanks to the consistent actions of Gov. DeSantis and the Florida Board of Governors which oversees the university system. In fact, the Board of Governors is exploring additional prohibitions to be included in the rule.

To review how we arrived at this moment, Gov. DeSantis signed the “Stop WOKE Act”:

Join Jim & Greg as they dissect new polls showing that inflation, gas prices, and other economic issues are the top concern for for more than three of every five Americans. They also welcome news that Florida leans increasingly to the right as GOP voter registrations dwarf the numbers put up by the Democrats. And they’re a bit stunned to hear Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kinney admit that he’s looking forward to the day he’s no longer mayor.

Join Jim and Greg as they breathe another sigh of relief that Ron DeSantis is governor of Florida after yet another scandal for Democrat Andrew Gillum, who came within a whisker of winning in 2018. They also shake their heads as Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan is trying to play the “I’m not like those other Democrats” card as he tries to win a U.S. Senate seat – and Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly is trying the same lame strategy. But there’s just one problem!  And  they sigh as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen seems to be trying to redefine a recession.

Another Professional Hit Job in Florida


We are watching the latest effort to execute a political hit job on a man who is tremendously qualified to be the next surgeon general in Florida. And the actions against him are an embarrassment to the state, to science, and to the ethics of medicine.

The action I’m referring to is an upcoming hearing, conveniently scheduled on Tuesday, as part of the process to approve Dr. Joseph Ladapo to be surgeon general. (I’m suggesting the timing of this information is not a coincidence.) The story begins when Dr. Ladapo first applied for a professorship at the University of Florida College of Medicine, and received a recommendation from his supervisor at UCLA. In a two-page letter to the university, Dr. Carol Mangione, chief of the division of general internal medicine and health services research at UCLA Department of Medicine, listed his credits:

She noted his ‘outstanding research and clinical teaching accomplishments,’ which led to his promotion to a tenured associate professorship in 2020 for his distinguished contributions to the division.

Memorial Day 2022 in Small Town America


The Real Strength of the USA

We recently discovered a jewel of Patriotic America relatively near our new home in Florida and I decided to share it with you as it is my deep and abiding belief that towns like this, and the spirit of optimism and patriotism they embody, are the real hope for a return of the kind of America so many of us remember as existing not so very long ago.

Florida Bans Math Propaganda Textbooks


The Left is relentless in pushing its agenda, particularly on our children, who are vulnerable and naïve about the effects of propaganda in the schools. Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to hold the Left and its cohorts accountable for their actions and agenda, and they continue to misrepresent what they are doing.

The latest salvo from the Florida Department of Education and the legislature has been the rejection of math books being offered to the state. Propaganda in math books, you ask? How is that possible? The political Left has found a way. They cloak their teaching in the framework of critical race theory, by offering euphemisms for that term. Worse yet, they have taken a subject that was probably relatively harmless in its original form—Social and Emotional Learning Theory—and have redefined it through the racist content of the class. Before I explain how this manipulation of our education has evolved, I’d like to explain the actions that the FL Dept. of Education took just over a week ago:

Last Friday, the FLDOE announced in a press release that it is rejecting 54 of the 132 new math textbooks submitted for approval this year—the highest number of banned textbooks in the state’s history. The press release was titled ‘Florida rejects publishers’ attempts to indoctrinate students.’

What I Knew About My Elementary School Teachers


Recently I saw a Tweet from a kindergarten teacher that was quite concerned about the law in Florida to limit sharing of information about sexuality with children in kindergarten through the third grade.  He was quite upset that he wouldn’t be able to tell his students that he had gone paddleboarding with his partner over the weekend. Can you imagine those poor tots going without such important information about aquatic sports?

It got me thinking about what I knew about the sex lives of my teachers in those years at Mark West Elementary.  In kindergarten, my teacher was Mrs. West who always made sure we brought our beach towels to lay down on for nap time. Though I didn’t think about it at the time, her title, “Mrs.” indicates she was married. Or had been married. She might have been divorced or widowed and I would have never known because to my recollection, she never talked about her husband. These same things would be true about my first-grade teacher, Mrs. Rudenal, the woman who made me sit outside the classroom when I talked too much.  And “Mrs.” was all I knew about the love life of Mrs. Clarke, even though she taught me in the 2nd and 3rd grade.

I don’t recall having any interest in their married lives, let alone whether they cruised the local bars while their husbands were out of town. I do know that in such sad, unenlightened times, they had married men. (The options back then were so limited.)

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer a poll showing a majority of Democrats supporting the Florida legislation keeping controversial sexual topics away from kids in kindergarten through third grade and Gov. Ron DeSantis sporting a healthy lead over the Dems running against him. They also sigh as President Biden says sanctions were never going to deter Russia despite top administration officials saying exactly the opposite for weeks. And Jim dissects China’s new COVID problem as cases are on the rise there.


Democrats Fundraising on Anti-Grooming Law


Democrats are so upset that teachers have been discouraged from having sexually explicit conversations with four- to eight-year-olds that they are making it the centerpiece of their 2022 Campaign. They are erecting billboards like this across Florida in response to what they (and their media) are calling the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Because if they cited the bill’s actual language — “A school district may not encourage classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students.” — too many people would agree with it.

Join Jim and Greg as they assess the newest poll on the Florida governor’s race that shows Ron DeSantis with a solid lead. They also cheer as D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser drops the vaccine and mask mandates amid economic pressure and low COVID numbers. And Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm refuses to answer questions about her stock holdings because, “The planet is warming faster than ever”.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the decision of Americans to leave high-tax blue states like New York, California, and Illinois and move to free states like Idaho, Utah, Texas, and Florida. But they do have one request for these new arrivals! They also cringe as the evidence seems to pile up that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine early next year. And they discuss President Biden’s bewildering response to a question about whether his administration was unprepared for the Omicron variant.

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Click here to listen to the podcast! On this episode of the Resistance Library Podcast, Sam Jacobs interviews Anthony Sabatini. Anthony Sabatini is the Florida state legislator from the 32nd District around Orlando and a strong voice for personal freedom and individual liberty at a time when there are precious few of those. We had […]

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One of the most frequently cited justifications for sanctuary policies is the claim that immigrants are less willing to report victimization to authorities. A report was released by the Center for Immigration Studies casts doubt on this claim, using the latest data from the National Crime Victimization Survey.

Mark Krikorian, the Center’s executive director and host of Parsing Immigration Policy, moderates a rebroadcast of the Center’s recent panel discussing the report. Two of the study’s co-authors participated in the panel, Center researchers Jessica Vaughan and Steven Camarota. They were joined by Capt. Keith Harmon of the Collier County, Fla. Sheriff’s Department, which has long experience with ICE’s 287(g) program.