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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the upcoming retirement of Anthony Fauci and they chronicle his soaring ego and willingness to lie when it suited his agenda. They also pop the popcorn as longtime Democrats in the House get ugly in their member vs. member primary in New York City. And they shake their heads as Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg tries to talk tough to airlines over their serious delay problems but it’s obvious he really has no solutions.

Sydney Benner is the creator of the revolutionary new fitness program, FLIGHT!  She has devoted her life to connecting people together through movement. Sydney explains her calling to create spaces and places for people to gather that feel inclusive, supportive, and where they can be authentically themselves. Sydney and Bridget discuss finding the balance in all the imbalance, the grind of being a personal trainer, overcoming injuries, magic, and why you must choose your mindset every day. Syndey shares how loss of her father and step-brother within 3 years of each other helped teach her the preciousness of every moment, how she manages to rally and motivate others when she’s in a tough place, the importance of showing up – no excuses – no matter what’s going on in your life, and why you should never put your happiness in someone else’s hands. It’s the motivational podcast we all need right now.