Join Jim and Greg as they enjoy the fun ad for GOP congressional hopefuls in Texas, an ad starring Rep. Dan Crenshaw and includes skydiving and multiple movie references. They also fume over the latest revelations proving the FBI knew the Steele dossier was based on a likely Russian spy and still sought FISA warrants without ever revealing the source to the FISA court. And they get a kick out Democrats suddenly wanting Supreme Court term limits since we may soon have an actual conservative majority.

Ep. 254 – Senator Marsha Blackburn, fresh from the #RNC2020, discusses Media Lies and will there be Durham Bombshells as a certain Democrat Senator is now proven to have leaked the FISA Application to the media (which started the whole Mueller investigation) & Senator Blackburns latest book The Mind of a Conservative Woman: Seeking the Best for Family and Country. Then @23:36 Writer, Producer and Comedian Michael Loftus from The Loftus Party discusses the Death of New York City, #RepublicansForBiden, and what would happen if Biden cancels the scheduled Debates.

If a Tree Falls in the Forest…


…does it make a sound?

Well, yes. Yes, it does. As much as I wish it weren’t so, there just isn’t a meaningful distinction between “sound” and “noise” that lets me get away with saying that someone has to perceive the former in order for it to have occurred.

It’s only nine days ’til Christmas but the news keeps coming and the Three Martini Lunch is ready!  Join Jim and Greg today as they thoroughly enjoy watching Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace call out former FBI Director James Comey for a long string of statements that have been contradicted by the inspector general’s report on the Justice Department and FBI abusing the FISA process.  They also roll their eyes as Democratic Rep. Jeff Van Drew looks for a political lifeline by switching to the Republican Party after announcing he will not vote to impeach President Trump, and the GOP appears ready to accept the man they recently branded a socialist.  And Jim is actually rendered speechless for a moment as disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein insists he isn’t getting enough credit for all he’s done for women.

Lee Smith on The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in US History.

Lee Smith is a veteran journalist whose work appears in Real Clear Investigations (which named the Whistleblower), the Federalist, and Tablet. Smith reported from the Middle East for a decade after the 9/11 attacks and wrote the critically acclaimed The Strong Horse: Power, Politics, and the Clash of Arab Civilizations. A Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, Smith is a frequent guest on television and radio, national and international, including Fox News, CNN, and France 24.

Sources and Methods


The release of the Horowitz report on the investigation into FISA abuse has been delayed yet again.  This release has been teased month after month, and yet still we wait.  Apparently, every single bureaucrat in Washington gets their chance to redact the document, in order to protect their precious “sources and methods”.

I sick of hearing about their sources and methods.  Everything we’re talking about here is either domestic, or the sources have already been revealed in the media.  Nobody is going to be killed because their identity is revealed. These aren’t spies, living undercover behind enemy lines, they are bureaucrats.  And frankly, their sources and methods are exactly what is at issue here.  Their sources sucked, and their methods were corrupt.  But if you let them remove the sources and methods, they can remove the wrongdoing as well.

What has happened to the FISA court?


It seems to me that the FISA court has been defrauded at least three times by the FBI/Justice department.  If I was a Judge on the court who was led to sign off on an application based on fraudulent data, I would be furious and someone would be in front of me getting questioned severely (i.e. getting reamed out) and in real danger of some sort of imprisonment.  Why have we not heard anything of any repercussions?

Also, as Chief Justice, Roberts is in charge of the FISA court.  Where is he?

In his debut podcast, Washington Examiner Chief Political Correspondent Byron York sits down with Devin Nunes to discuss the status of the House Intelligence Committee investigation into collusion, why the FISA applications ought to be declassified, when and if the the Mueller Report will be issued, and life in the minority.

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For this week’s Big Ideas with Ben Weingarten podcast, my guest was Rich Higgins. Higgins, an expert in unconventional warfare and combatting terrorism with over 20 years experience at senior levels of the Defense Department, and early supporter of President Trump, served as director for strategic planning in President Trump’s National Security Council (NSC). Preview Open

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Worse Than Watergate? Only Question Is One of Degree.


I’m old enough to remember the times when lying to a Court would net an attorney, at the very least, a serious and sobering “chat” with a Judge in Chambers, and could very well lead to disciplinary action by the Bar Association. It could lead to further action, as well, such as suspension of the right to practice, or, in rare cases involving repeated conduct of this nature, permanent disbarment.

Alas, those days seem to be receding into the mists of time, as it appears that some of the highest ranking lawyers in the Department of [in]Justice and FBI brazenly lied through their teeth to a Judge, or multiple Judges, of a Federal Court, in this case, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The very thought of what would have happened to me had I lied to a Federal Court, especially with a few of the Federal Judges I respected most highly, sends shudders through me at the idea of what might have become of me and my career at the Bar.

Richard Epstein parses the memo recently released by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, a document that they claim shows impropriety in the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign.

There Is No Such Thing as Checks and Balances


Sunday morning on the CBS program Face the Nation, Rep. Trey Gowdy had the following exchange with host Margaret Brennan:

BRENNAN: Now, we should dig into this. Because you are, from my understanding, the only Republican investigator on the House Intelligence Committee who actually viewed the FISA applications. Everything that went into essentially putting together this memo. So, when you’re talking about this Steele memo, you are not saying that it was the sole piece of evidence used to justify these four authorizations of the surveillance warrant. Are you?

GOWDY: No. It was not the exclusive information relied upon by– by the FISA court.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud the Interior Department for announcing open-air memorials and national parks not requiring staffing will stay open in the event of a partial government shutdown, a very different approach than the Obama administration barricading memorials to war veterans to make a political point.  They also hammer Senate Democrats for planning to block a bill that would keep the government open and point out the blatant hypocrisy and deception being employed by the Democrats to justify their tactics.  And they tell House Republicans that the FISA memo better be a massive bombshell or else the GOP is going to look pretty silly over the hype.  They also tell the GOP that if they want it released to the public, they should just vote on it and be done with it.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud Meghan McCain for calling out Michael Wolff’s many factual errors and questionable journalistic ethics  to his face during a discussion of his book on “The View.”  They also unload on Republican Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens for conducting an extramarital affair as he prepared to launch his bid for governor and they recoil at accusations that he threatened to release compromising photos of the woman if she revealed their affair.  Greitens admits to the affair but strongly denies the blackmail.  And they smack their foreheads as President Trump trashes FISA renewal legislation in a tweet before realizing his administration actually supports the bill.

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The National Journal reports on a letter that Director of National Security James Clapper sent to Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Mark Udall (D-CO), in which he reveals that the NSA did spy on the contents of communication involving some Americans. The Obama administration’s top intelligence official has confirmed that the National Security Agency intentionally […]

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