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Desperation and Denial: The Dems Should Be Very Worried


Western Chauvinist has a post that features a jaw-dropping video interview of attorney, Joe diGenova, regarding details and a timeline of the events leading up to the current discussion of the FISA memo. You really must listen to the whole thing. I was so taken aback that I had to check out who this guy was.

Joe diGenova has been around for years:

For four years, diGenova was United States Attorney, District of Columbia, which is the largest such office, having more than 400 attorneys.  He supervised complex Federal criminal and civil matters including international drug smuggling, public corruption, espionage, insider trading, tax fraud, extradition, fraud, RICO, export control and international terrorism.

A special edition of the podcast in the wake of the release of the infamous GOP memo, with Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist, Jonah Goldberg of NRO and Steven Portnoy of CBS News.

Listen, enjoy, share–and then post your observations below or call them into the Confession Hotline at 617-903-TALK (8255) The best of the best calls will be featured on the podcast.

The Memo, the FBI, and Organization Theory. (A Long, Boring Post)


As we come upon the release of The Infamous Memo(TM) , there are a lot of people shouting, “Oh my gosh, how can anyone criticize the FBI and the Intelligence Community? These are respected national institutions that deserve our unquestioning loyalty, obedience, and respect.” as though it is inconceivable that the institutions of Government could be influenced by politics. History, on the other hand, has demonstrated consistently that the long-term drift of any large, bureaucratic organization is toward self-interest, politicization and corruption.

Is there any reason, outside of political expedience, to believe this FBI is immune from the history? If you look back at history, every organization instituted by mankind has gone through four distinct phases.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America see decent prospects for Republicans governors in the 2018 midterms, as they are glad to see the ten most popular governors in the U.S. are all Republicans and that many of the GOP’s least popular governors are not running for re-election.  They also groan as Treasury Department officials project nearly trillion dollar deficits returning this fiscal year.  And they get dizzy trying to follow all the accusations and counter-attacks related to the House Intelligence Committee FISA memo, concluding that the more information that gets released the better – from all sides – so long as sources and methods are not compromised.