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The Curious Cases of Judge Walton


A senior judge on the United States District of Columbia court is desperate to keep the Russia hoax alive, and is actively interfering in the 2020 election under false color of law, or is that what is really going on? Credit where credit is due. I am no fan of the Wall Street Journal, having ended my subscription well over a decade ago. Even given that the editorial board is still somewhat distinct from the news sections, it was truly remarkable that they would publish an editorial, under their name, condemning a federal judge’s attack on Attorney General Barr. Is the judge a fool, a partisan hack, or true believer?

Judge Walton’s Political Aside
He gets his facts wrong in a broadside against unpopular Bill Barr.

Worse Than Watergate? Only Question Is One of Degree.


I’m old enough to remember the times when lying to a Court would net an attorney, at the very least, a serious and sobering “chat” with a Judge in Chambers, and could very well lead to disciplinary action by the Bar Association. It could lead to further action, as well, such as suspension of the right to practice, or, in rare cases involving repeated conduct of this nature, permanent disbarment.

Alas, those days seem to be receding into the mists of time, as it appears that some of the highest ranking lawyers in the Department of [in]Justice and FBI brazenly lied through their teeth to a Judge, or multiple Judges, of a Federal Court, in this case, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The very thought of what would have happened to me had I lied to a Federal Court, especially with a few of the Federal Judges I respected most highly, sends shudders through me at the idea of what might have become of me and my career at the Bar.

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We are relearning the danger of law enforcement and spy agencies using “secret” labels and special courts to shield their domestic political collusion and attempted manipulation of both elections and policy-making. At the same time, we would do well to relearn healthy skepticism about secrecy-shrouded military procurement, especially as the pork barrel is rolling again […]

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If They Can Do It to Carter Page, They Can Do It to You


Reading Wednesday’s article by  Mollie Hemingway (far and away one of the best writers in Washington) “Criminal Referral Confirms Nunes Memo’s Explosive Claims of FISA Abuse,” then reading the entire Senate Referral memo comes very close to causing one’s head to simply explode. There is ample evidence contained within of the most blatant kind of dishonesty and fraud practiced upon a Federal Court. These are the kind of lies to a court which would – and should — get almost any lawyer whose name is not Clinton or Obama permanently disbarred, or at the very least severely disciplined by a Bar Association.

Which raises a naturally occurring question: has the DC Bar Association completely shut down? Is it no longer a functioning organization with the usual disciplinary enforcement procedures?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of National Review welcome transparency about our government, most recently the disturbing revelations about the FBI’s allegedly sloppy and politically charged approach to obtaining a FISA warrant to conduct surveillance on Trump campaign figure Carter Page.  They also roll their eyes as partisans on both sides react to the memo, including Democrats who see nothing wrong with the FBI allegedly using a dossier as evidence without confirming its veracity and not telling the FISA court it was paid for by Democrats and Republicans insisting this means the Mueller investigation must be shut down immediately when the memo’s author says that is not his conclusion at all.  And they’re thrilled to see the New England Patriots lose the Super Bowl, but shake their heads in disgust as Philadelphia fans destroy property, flip cars, and engage in other revolting behavior.