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Rod Dreher said a friend texted him the following about Covid-19:

When you have lived for several generations in a powerful and wealthy country untouched by deep tragedy and awash in the deep-seated belief that you are both the Chosen Land and Master of Nature, the belief that everything is manageable becomes the biggest article of faith. And the biggest blind spot.


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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, perhaps the one holiday hated by everyone — the one day when all singles long to be coupled and all couples long to be single. With Valentine’s Day come obligations and expectations: Christmas, but without the music, gingerbread cookies, and living-room conifers. (“I bought her a box of chocolates last year — and a bottle of sauvignon the year before that. Hmm. What to get her? I guess a Trumpy Bear will have to do.”)

No doubt, the Internet will soon be awash in articles about the dating scene, which, like the weather, is something everybody complains about … but nobody does something about. It’s frankly a wonder that a problem so universally acknowledged should be in want of a solution. Yet here we are.


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Liberal Washington elites are worried that DC will lose its chic urban hip vibe when Trump and the Deplorables come to town. Pretty much the Kamehameha of #FirstWorldProblems. Michelle Obama has burned off her date-night meals at Washington’s new generation of acclaimed restaurants by pedaling at SoulCycle. President Obama has shopped for Jonathan Franzen novels with his […]

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shutterstock_164988680So, I’m reclining in a chair at the bedside of an old man, asleep, in a nursing home. Life is easy when the senile sleep.

On the other side of my chair is a coffee table with a single item, taunting me: a container of delicious cookies.


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Recently, we adopted a pair of kittens. They’re cute, cuddly, feisty; all of the things you’d expect from a pair of kittens, all of which our eleven-year-old cat holds in disdain. Whenever the kittens are near, he hisses and occasionally takes a swipe at them. It’s a problem, but not a true problem. It’s probably the biggest problem we’ve got at present, and it humbles me.

We also have a half-dozen kids, two with special needs. This presents a number of problems on a daily basis but –having been in this parent-gig for thirteen years — those daily challenges act more as speed bumps: they slow down the pace of the day, but aren’t really barriers.