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The Gun Grabbers’ Mask Slips


When Democrats and gun control advocates talk about “gun safety,” they mean only one thing: banning guns and attempting to confiscate them from law-abiding citizens. Sure, they may talk about “gun safety” or “gun violence*,” but what they really want are guns out of the hands of the private citizens.

Gun safety isn’t all that hard, actually. The four rules were laid out almost 50 years ago by Marine Colonel Jeff Cooper, and they’re still true today. But to the gun grabbers such as the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV), those rules don’t exist. All guns are capable of magically leaping off the table or out of the holster and inflicting wanton destruction, all by themselves. Any attempt, therefore, to increase gun safety that doesn’t involve turning your guns in is evil, and in their eyes, deserves ridicule. But they have now taken their opposition to new lows by opposing a federal grant to help educate kids about gun safety.

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Mark the day.  It may never happen again, but it is time to make some common cause with the left.  The Center for American Progress wants to scrap the ATF.   Of course the Center wants merely to see the ATF merge with the FBI.  In truth, that won’t solve the problems.  The ATF should […]

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While recounting a guided tour of the Jack Daniel’s distillery on my way back from the airport, I was surprised when my dad referenced the ATF in relation to “sin” taxes. Half the price of a bottle of whiskey is taxes. Half the price of a carton of cigarettes is taxes. Handguns, bullets, and even […]

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Guns ‘n Gases


shutterstock_64283608When histories of the Obama Era are written — please, God, only two years more! — two great ironies will be noted: that the most progressive president since Johnson, and the most academically cloistered since Wilson, presided over a period of tremendous booms in domestic fossil fuel production and a continued restoration of Americans’ full Second Amendment rights, both of which the president and his allies opposed.

On the latter, it’s really amazing to recall just how far we’ve come of late. The twin decisions of D.C. v. Heller (decided during Obama’s first campaign) and McDonald v. Chicago (decided during his first term and, deliciously, with his home town as the defendant) confirmed that the Second Amendment is an individual right that both the federal government and the states are obliged to recognize. Relatedly, all fifty states now have at least some form of concealed-carry law.

More importantly, crime statistics during the period have overwhelmingly contradicted the predictions of the gun-grabbers, who spent decades arguing that gun control was the only thing preventing America from descending into chaos. This simply has not happened, and there’s strong (if not conclusive) evidence to support the theory that allowing law-abiding citizens to protect themselves actually reduces violent crime. For an interesting and — given our recent conversations — rather topical take on the matter, consider this piece on Chicago’s down-tick in violent crime since conceal carry permits became available.

Coming Out


It’s still summer, but autumn felt close this past weekend. Daughter #2 has returned from camp. We were hosting a family barbecue as a sendoff for daughter #1, who will be spending the year in Israel before entering college. The crispness of fall has yet to set in, but the heat and humidity of summer were gone.

At the barbecue, we talked about my daughter’s classmates, and their plans. About half are going to Israel next year, the rest straight to college. What happened to the boy who applied to West Point? He discovered he had a disqualifying health problem. My parents expressed relief. Ilana, their friends’ daughter, was injured in Iraq, and years later she is still fighting to get proper care from the VA.

Being Right Is Never Enough: Open Carry Advocacy Edition


Starbucks-courtesy-Starbucks-Facebook-Page-500x330In the most recent GLoP Culture podcast, John Podhoretz said:

There is a risk on the horizon of a return to a 2012 rope-a-dope on the part of the Democrats that the Republicans may be falling into. And that has to do with the response to the Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case…

The question is, are Democrats going to go very, very hard on the issue of contraception, and paying for contraception, and government supporting contraception, and all of that, and will this then cause the Right to react the way the Right did to Sandra Fluke [and stoke the War on Women narrative]?