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The Postmodern Desire to Ruin Beauty


If the title of this post sounds like a comment on the tragic tearing-apart of our nation, it isn’t, although you are free to draw connections as you wish. Instead, this essay concerns a single complaint: namely the fact that too many of today’s creative artists doubt the power of beauty, and thus are unwilling to present something of beauty without messing it up.

The arts throughout history are charged with the duty to express a multitude of ideas, including ideas that are dark and difficult. Theater primarily is a venue for adults, so plays, operas, and ballets have always featured what were considered “adult themes.” (That phrase sounds quaint in light of today’s crude and sexualized society, does it not?)

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“All art intuitively apprehends coming changes in the collective unconsciousness.” -Carl Jung For 100 years art has been applied as an ideological tool to tear apart the foundations of reality. Now, after a century of devastating folly, there are signs the rituals of deconstruction have hit their expiration date.  Preview Open

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