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Tuition reformHow can we reduce the astronomical cost of college tuition?

The most direct but politically impractical solution would be to cut off all financial aid for three to five years. Universities would complain loudly, but if a Republican President and Congress persevered, ultimately the universities would be forced to cut bureaucratic and academic bloat — and hence tuition. Subsequently, we could revive aid, but only for the very poor who show academic ability. This would have much less of an inflationary impact.

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It’s college admissions season, and across the land, there are tears of joy and pain. But mostly pain. This was among the most brutal years ever for acceptances.

The news articles focus on the Ivies, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Acceptance rates are down pretty much across the board. Private college counselors, who take in upwards of $10,000 to assist with the application process, are now trying to explain to their clients why they (or rather, their children) weren’t accepted anywhere they applied, even their safeties.