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Fighting Mask Mandates


The following is a prepared presentation to my kid’s school board concerning mask mandates. It is scheduled for 8:30 am and is a last-minute meeting where few parents were informed. Pray for our kids and that the board members make a wise decision.

My name is Stina. I have three children in the Florida Public School system. We have been here for a year, having moved from A Big City. I understand the Big City Public Schools has re-instated mandatory masking for all students and this school board may be feeling pressure to act in accord with the larger metro school board to our south, but I encourage you to resist doing things like Big City Public Schools. We moved here, like a great many other parents in our area, because Florida Public Schools has better schools. You don’t want to be like Big City Schools. Their schools aren’t as good. If any parents prefer how Big City Schools is handling their school system, I invite them to move across the county line. The real estate is cheaper.

The Greatness of America, Part III: Fighting for this Country


In my first post, I demanded that the Left stop their actions which are intended to destroy this country . In my second post, a partial list of America’s contributions to the world followed, given that the Left is determined to shame us and discredit those contributions with lies and the re-writing of our history. In this final post, I will declare what actions I am taking to call out the devastation that the Left plans for this country and steps I will take to strengthen those who are being left behind.

I will not engage in your (the Left’s) rhetoric. It’s become abundantly clear that you are not interested in learning the error of your ways; you much prefer to operate in a self-styled echo chamber. Fortunately, for those who oppose you, we will watch you busy yourselves in encouraging each other, so that you are unlikely to notice our ignoring your declarations. You will be speaking only to your co-conspirators, not to those of us who realize the destruction you are trying to wreak. Eventually you may notice that when you look around you, no one but your friends are with you. The rest of us are aligning with each other to save this country.

An Inconvenient Hiccup and Resurrecting the Swamp


Now I finally get it. How could I miss the obvious?

For the deluded Left, the last four years were just an inconvenient blip on the screen of history. They hated it when Trump won the 2016 election, and made sure everyone—those on the Left and the Right—experienced hatred and frustration in one way or another.

But that was then and this is now.

Trump Taught Us How to Fight Back


For years I’ve listened to and agreed with the diatribes about the feckless Republican party. Republicans were known for being cooperative, reasonable, even polite in their interactions with Democrats. They would also whine and complain endlessly about lying and cheating they faced, but nothing seemed to change.

People have proposed forming a new party to replace the Republicans, but that might not be necessary. We’ve had a four-year seminar on how to fight back against the Democrats and the media, and it may have been ugly, chaotic, and confusing, but the public is finally taking note: You may not like Donald Trump, but he’s a power to be reckoned with.

We’re watching Trump’s feisty and predictable demands for fairness in this election; that every vote be counted, and that fraud and manipulation are the unacceptable strategies of the Democrats in several states. Those kinds of actions are not new, but Trump is finally telling everyone that the Democrats are not going to get away with these tactics. He is calling them out big-time and will fight tooth-and-nail for the voices of the people to be heard.

Heroes Fighting Cancel Culture


So many of you have inspired me with your posts of the people, companies, and organizations fighting back against cancel culture. In some ways, the number of people who speak out seems small; every time I see a new person, I keep wishing there were more; I’ve decided I want to have one place I can go and periodically review a list of them, to remind myself there are many more than I’ve realized.

Also, I’m sure there are some people whom we’ve missed, even people in our own personal universe, who’ve risked their lives, reputations, and jobs but speak out anyway. So, I’m going to list a few of those who have heartened me through their actions and courage. And I hope you’ll add to the list!

One of the most difficult institutions to call out are the universities. Several employees at universities have been singled out and are fighting back: