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Good News for the Day: Feral Cats at Work


I found this story on Fox News this morning, about a “team” of feral cats.  They live in Chicago, and are being managed by a group called “Treehouse Humane Society”.  The group gets the cats into good health, spays or neuters them, and provides them with shelter, food and water, and litter boxes.  It seems this program has been around since 2012, with the cats are released onto the streets as “pest control”.  The city has found that the presence of the cats helps keep the rat population down, even when they don’t kill and eat the rats.

This is sort of like the goats that are hired out to keep people’s lawns and fields free of weeds, although the goats aren’t rescue animals like the cats are.  The cats would otherwise have to be euthanized since most of them don’t make suitable indoor pets.  I just thought this story was heartwarming, and a great way to help both the kitties and the people of Chicago (who can use all the help they can get).