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Project Vertitas Protecting Election; DOJ and FBI AWOL


Ballot boxThe FBI and DOJ are still infested with enemies of the Republic and the Constitution they falsely swore to defend. Little more than a month before a momentous general election, with early voting already underway in many states, the FBI and DOJ are busy looking away and throwing up smoke about foreign interference and voter suppression, a DNC talking point to cover real fraud. The FBI and DOJ know the true enemy of free and fair elections has always been within, not external. They have assiduously avoided the basics of busting upvoting fraud. We know this for a fact because Project Veritas had no problem getting a Democrat operation, complete with a carload of paid for ballots, a party operative, and voters saying on video they were paid to hand over their ballot.

Project Veritas documented federal election fraud in Ilhan Omar’s district. We can help across the nation, putting pressure on the Feds now. If you or a friend are in or around senior communities, low-income communities, or college communities, keep an eye out and alert others to do the same with their smartphones.