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Does Mike Lee’s Reform Agenda Focus Too Much on Equality and Not Enough on Liberty? — DC McAllister


In a recent episode of Uncommon Knowledge, Peter Robinson talked with Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) about his Conservative Reform Agenda and creating policies that best meet the “needs of today.” 

Lee thinks the primary problem in America is economic—a “growing crisis of stagnation and sclerosis.” Most of us would agree with this assessment. But is there another issue—one more fundamental to the very nature of our Republic—that is just as important? One so essential that we forget it at our own peril?

Can California Make Laws For the Rest of the Nation?


That’s the question I examine in the newest installment of my column for Hoover’s Defining Ideas. California has recently enacted a series of carbon regulations so sweeping that they have the practical effect of regulating behavior throughout the nation. As I note in the column, it is, in my judgment, time for this issue to be heard by the Supreme Court.

The reason this case is so important is that California’s regulations essentially usurp the powers of the federal legislative branch. As I argue: