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You Know You’re Over the Target When . . .


Am I the only one who’s noticed how Gov. Ron DeSantis is taking even more flak than usual over his transporting migrants to Martha’s Vineyard? Why haven’t Gov. Abbott of Texas or Gov. Ducey been receiving their share of flak?

Now the illegal migrants are being represented by attorneys who claim that offers made to the migrants were fraudulent.

So what’s really going on?

Bring On the Witnesses


McSally Collins GardnerYes, new witnesses will prolong the process by weeks at a minimum, and voting for witnesses under a Cocaine Mitch-Ted Cruz plan is likely necessary to a Trump and Trump-voter-supporting Congress winning this November. On Friday, there will be a series of votes. It is now more likely than not that there will be 51 votes, including Susan Collins (Republican-Maine), Mitt Romney (Snake-Self Serving), Lamar Alexander (Retiring-Chamber of Commerce), and Lisa Murkowski (Scheming-Big Union and Oil).

Senator Collins faithfully represents her state. She is a woman of honor who will take a tough vote when needed. It is she who reportedly first floated the common-sense proposal that the Senate trial should be run on the same rules as for the President Clinton trial. There was a basic sense of turn-about as fair play in this. She prevailed; these are the rules in the current Senate trial.

Senator McConnell is reportedly maneuvering for a single basket of witnesses vote, no chance for troublemakers and RINOS to actually work with the Democrats to inflict maximum damage on the president and the Republican majority in the Senate. This will work if he also insists on the Cruz control: paired 1-for-1 witness approval. You want the ‘Stashe? You have to vote for Biden’s boy. You want Mick Mulvaney? You have to vote for Eric Ciaramella. “Do ya really wanna jump?” [officially sanctioned clip, so “R” rated]

Yes, Hunter Biden Can Be Forced to Testify


“No reporter in Washington knows or understands this.” — Senator Ted Cruz, Verdict with Ted Cruz, Episode 2

In the midst of impassioned posts, swirling social media content, and the never-ending news cycle, Sen. Ted Cruz brought a bit of real insight the other evening. He did so in a new podcast that is burning up the charts. In Episode 2, Sen. Cruz explained that the Senate has the power, in plainly written federal law, to unilaterally grant a witness “transactional immunity,” thereby removing the ability of the witness to refuse to testify on the constitutional basis of the Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate yourself. In plain English, the deal is: “talk, tell us the whole truth, and nothing you say may be used against you by anyone in any criminal procedure, ever.”

Watch Episode 2, from 19:40 to 22:28:

Richard Epstein analyzes the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, compares and contrasts the judge with the late Justice Scalia, and considers the potential demise of the filibuster.

Small Victories Against Goliath


david-and-goliath-vbaAs much as we hate to admit it, many of us have felt victimized and outraged by Obama’s power-mongering, arrogant, and defiant administration. I look ahead and wonder whether the next president will tackle our disgraceful debt? What about the bloated federal government? Or the lopsided reality of a supposed three-part federal government? I’m also skeptical about whether Congress will finally reverse any of the administration’s or agencies’ abuses of the last eight years.

I think the first steps to correct these injustices are actually happening. The actions are small, but they have already shown signs of success in the past year, and suggest hope for the foreseeable future: Actions by the federal court system outside of the Supreme Court against the tyranny of our government will be the path to salvation.

Lately I’ve noticed stories about court cases where people with conservative agendas were winning. As I looked into these cases, I found a few that indicated that all was not lost.

Member Post


I was just reading in the WSJ’s Best of the Web newsletter that the FBI is refusing to help the State Department “retrieve” the deleted emails from the Secret Server operated by then SOS Hillary Clinton. Here is the stupid question: Why can’t the FBI give the State Department clone(s) of the hard drive(s) that […]

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