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The Best Articles I Read in 2020


Here at the end of 2020, I’m trying to close up a number of tabs I have open on my browser. Many of them are articles, and of that number I’m certain several were suggested or linked to by fellow Ricochet members, mentioned in podcasts, or discovered through searches prompted by Ricochet discussions. I was originally going to say “The 10 Best Articles…”, but the list is more than ten articles and I’m sure I’m forgetting some additional ones that I read months ago…it’s been a long year.

For this post I loosely define “the best” articles as those that challenged my thinking on an issue, were educational, were unexpected or deservedly scandalous, courageously broke with prevailing current narratives, or discussed an important topic otherwise ignored or forgotten. I’m not going to say which characteristic applies to which article as I’m trying to keep this post relatively brief, and each article could form the foundation of a post and become fertile ground for discussion. Some of the articles were written in years prior to 2020, but I just got around to reading them this year and they were either prophetic or remain pertinent to current events. Grouped with some of the articles I have read, I’m also listing what I’m going to read next in regard to that topic. These will have “to be read” in parentheses next to them.

No Time for Outrage In Missouri


There will be no protests, no looting, no rioting, and no expressions of outrage over it. The New York Times and the Washington Post will print no news stories or editorials about it. CNN and MSNBC will send no reporters — let alone primetime anchors — to cover it. And neither Eric Holder, nor Al Sharpton, nor Jesse Jackson, nor any of the lesser lights of the racial grievance industry will have a word to say about it.

But I submit that what happened in downtown St. Louis on Monday is far more emblematic of what ails the black community in America than the death of Michael Brown, the “unarmed black teen” who on August 9 was shot and killed by a police officer in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson.