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Unhappy Meal: The Problem with McDonald’s


I recently had the chance to hear from the Senior Director, Supply Chain Management, Quality Systems for McDonald’s. I include the whole title because I’m a sadist, and also because it perfectly captures what’s wrong with the home of the unhappy meal. Unhappy because McDonald’s sales are tanking, dropping for three years in a row, including a 2 percent drop in US sales last quarter.

Help Me Save McDonald’s


A photo of a McDonalds' McRib sandwich iI have been inspired by The Daily Shot’s reference to my McRib obsession on the one hand, and McDonald’s poor earnings reports on the other. (How often are those linked?!) We must come to McDonald’s rescue and help it deliver a menu that real fast-food-loving Americans want. No empty snack wraps for me. No more artisan grilled chicken sandwiches.

The Daily Shot’s citation of KFC’s Double Down provides a good template: a sandwich made out of two McRibs with bacon inside — no bun. That’s not an appetizer, but what we fancy pants in the Bay Area would call an amuse-bouche (I think).

So, Ricochet food lovers, what would be your suggestions for additions to the McDonald’s menu that you would actually eat? How about a sausage, pepper, and onion Philly-style hoagie? Help me rescue McDonald’s with a new menu!

Scandal: Hillary Refused to Tip at Chipotle


hillary chipoltle1.jpgBloomberg News has stumbled across the scandal of the year, if not the millennium. Answering a question no one was asking, reporter David “Scoop” Knowles has blown the 2016 presidential race wide open and our political system will be lucky to survive the fallout.

On Hillary Clinton’s endlessly fascinating trip to Chipotel Chitople a fast-food restaurant, the candidate didn’t leave a tip.

Several news sources revealed surveillance footage of the cash transaction. Neither Hillary nor loyal aide Huma Abedin-Weiner motioned toward the tip jar, despite what I can only assume were the wan, pleading expressions of burrito slingers on the business end of the sneeze guard.