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On this episode of the AEI Event Podcast, four leading agricultural policy experts gather to discuss the farm bill proposal for 2018 and assess the bill’s implications in the context of current and proposed changes to farm subsidy and price support programs.

First Barry Goodwin, a professor at North Carolina State University, spoke about the changes to Title I programs in the new farm bill. He believes that the rhetoric of the proposed changes does not match the economic facts.

This week on Banter, AEI Visiting Scholar and Director of Agriculture Studies Vincent Smith joined the show to discuss the history of US agriculture policy and provisions of the 2018 Farm Bill, including farm subsidies and SNAP work requirement measures. Dr. Smith is a Professor of Economics in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Montana State University and co-director of MSU’s Agricultural Marketing Policy Center. He hosted a public event at AEI on the 2018 Farm Bill including what it means for the future of farm subsidies and US agriculture productivity.  You can watch the full event video at the link below.

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