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The Tragedy of Andy Signore, or Don’t #believewomen, Instead #believeevidence


My favorite movie-parody YouTube channel is How it Should Have Ended, but a close second is Honest Trailers, formerly published under the Screen Junkies banner (now Fandom Entertainment). I’ve been watching it for years. One of the founding figures of the channel, Andy Signore, was fired by Defy Media (which owned Screen Junkies) in October 2017 over accusations of sexual misconduct. A woman by the name of April Dawn had publicly accused him of luring her to a hotel room, trying to force himself on her, taking pictures of her without her consent, and other misdeeds. Several fans had also shared flirtatious messages he had sent them on social media.

I remember when this all went down, and the video that the Screen Junkies crew posted in the aftermath of his firing. These were colleagues of Andy, whom I’d watched interact and laugh with him on many videos in the past. They basically threw Andy under the bus. I don’t recall them really piling on him, but I don’t recall any of them questioning the accusations or standing up for him. They all seemed to be operating under the presumption that he was guilty.

The Map, the Model, and the Territory


The Map

Let’s start with a simple question. How long is the coastline of Lake Superior? Here, let me google that for you. “Shore length 1,729 mi (2,783 km) plus 997 mi (1,605 km) for islands”. Thanks, Wikipedia! Right away we can see a problem. Are you counting those islands or not? I’m saying count every last thing. All of it. Okay, include the islands. What other complications are we going to run into?

Member Post


Here is a new exploration of the bounds of orthodoxy in Christianity.  I have been progressing through the Ten Commandments, at the beginning of a program to delineate the boundaries of what can be called “orthodox” among Christians.  So far we are mostly in agreement.  This week we will look at another Commandment, this time […]

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