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A new trailer for the upcoming motion picture Suburbicon dropped, causing much excitement among the writers on a couple of geek movie sites I visited. I think this is mainly due to the talent behind it. It’s directed by George Clooney from a script by the Coen Brothers and starring Matt Damon. Now, while Clooney and Damon […]

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I have a question about the story we heard from Matthew 28 this morning. Why did the Chief Priests and elders bribe the soldiers to tell a lie? I mean, this may sound like I’m stating the obvious … but lying is wrong.

It wasn’t even a very good lie. Even a casual reading of the story brings a lot of questions to mind: Like: if the soldiers were asleep, how did they know that it was the disciples who had stolen the body? How could the disciples, or anyone else, roll a heavy stone away from the opening to the tomb without waking everyone up? And why would they do this, given that stealing a body was considered a downright sacrilegious offense and punishable by death in those days? Not to mention the punishment that awaited soldiers who conked out while on duty?