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Since this is an era when many people are concerned about ‘fairness’ and ‘social justice,’ what is your ‘fair share’ of what someone else has worked for? – Thomas Sowell A question especially valid this week, when Biden announced a massive transfer of wealth from the working class to the upper class, in the form […]

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Trump Taught Us How to Fight Back


For years I’ve listened to and agreed with the diatribes about the feckless Republican party. Republicans were known for being cooperative, reasonable, even polite in their interactions with Democrats. They would also whine and complain endlessly about lying and cheating they faced, but nothing seemed to change.

People have proposed forming a new party to replace the Republicans, but that might not be necessary. We’ve had a four-year seminar on how to fight back against the Democrats and the media, and it may have been ugly, chaotic, and confusing, but the public is finally taking note: You may not like Donald Trump, but he’s a power to be reckoned with.

We’re watching Trump’s feisty and predictable demands for fairness in this election; that every vote be counted, and that fraud and manipulation are the unacceptable strategies of the Democrats in several states. Those kinds of actions are not new, but Trump is finally telling everyone that the Democrats are not going to get away with these tactics. He is calling them out big-time and will fight tooth-and-nail for the voices of the people to be heard.

On Compassion


My husband was watching some commentary on loan forgiveness. The talking heads kept reiterating that this wasn’t “compassionate” because it isn’t “fair” to the people who paid off their loans.

Regardless of your feelings regarding that particular policy, I want to dispel this ridiculous idea that Compassion = Fair.

Restoring My Faith in Justice – Just a Little


Since October 2018, we’ve worked on getting a new roof, seeking compensation for a driveway that was seriously damaged in the effort, and finally filing for a judgment to get money back that we’d spent to repair the driveway. My husband took on most of the tedious work to collect evidence, file the case, and appear at mediation. He used the best of his engineering skills and charm to do it.

But that is not the most fascinating part of this story….

On our court date, we arrived an hour early at the courthouse where the county held small claims suits. (We both feel that unless you’re early, you’re late.) Only two other people were sitting in the courtroom; we learned they were there for the case that was in progress.

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In observing what little I can tolerate of the impeachment proceedings, I have watched the Democrats repeatedly act with impunity. I continue to wonder how Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intel Committee, can repeatedly lie, mislead, and violate the rights of others, and people just throw up their hands in exasperation, with no indication […]

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Are You a Political Warrior?


When I first came to Ricochet, I was baffled at how people engaged so seriously in political discussion. I mean, it’s just politics—right?

As discussions got especially rabid and polarized over the entry of Donald Trump, I found myself feeling compelled to take sides. At the same time, I was trying to keep up with the destructive efforts of the Left and the media. What in the world was going on?

Quote of the Day: One Standard


“The truth is most conservatives are fine accepting apologies for dumb stuff said or done years ago. Unfortunately, liberals refuse to forgive conservatives so we have no choice but to do the same to you. It doesn’t have to be this way. We only ask for one standard.” – Chris Barron (2019-09-18)

It’s not from an extremely famous figure (he is a Fox Business contributor). It’s not an extremely pithy one-liner.  In that tweet, however, you have the summary for so much of the current situation in the GOP.

The World Isn’t Fair


As a child, I would get so annoyed with my mother when she would tell me, “The world isn’t fair.” She believed that with all her heart because her life experiences had taught her that truth. She had been knocked down many times, but always managed to pick herself up. She learned, after a while, that many of her disappointments came from her own choices; she also realized, however, that things didn’t always turn out the way she wished they would have.

As a person who lives pretty much on the optimistic side of the worldview scale, you might be surprised to see that I agree with my mother. No matter how I want things to be, it’s sometimes a coin flip to see how they turn out. And most of the time when they don’t pan out, it’s not that important or I can learn from the experience.

Quote of the Day: Kavanaugh Is Up to the Challenge


“Justice Thomas, who also faced false last-minute allegations during his nominating process, has spent more than a quarter-century on the court doing his job, staying true to his judicial principles, and not giving a damn what the Washington Post and CNN have to say about him. It’s unfortunate that the newest justice faces a similar task, but I’m guessing he’s up to it.” — Jason Riley, Wall Street Journal

The Left will continue to harangue us about Justice Kavanaugh and attack the man, but ultimately I believe he will be admired for his resilience under fire, for his passion for defending his reputation, for his defense of his family, and his stellar record. In the tradition of every Supreme Court, I hope he will be treated with respect and grace by his colleagues. I’m counting on their rising above all the chaos and welcoming him into the fold.

Quote of the Day: Due Process and Fairness


Left-wing zealots have often been prepared to ride roughshod over due process and basic considerations of fairness when they think they can get away with it. For them the ends always seem to justify the means. That is precisely how their predecessors came to create the gulag. – Margaret Thatcher

It appears we are seeing this play out in this week’s news, but it has been a problem for years. Certainly since the Department of Education changed standards on sexual assault accusations on campus.