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Masks: The Ultimate Protection?


After the left-turn light has been red for at least four seconds, a driver turns heedlessly in front of oncoming traffic.

A group of youths zoom at top speed on scooters down a busy downtown street, oblivious to both motorists and pedestrians.

Fighting Mask Mandates


The following is a prepared presentation to my kid’s school board concerning mask mandates. It is scheduled for 8:30 am and is a last-minute meeting where few parents were informed. Pray for our kids and that the board members make a wise decision.

My name is Stina. I have three children in the Florida Public School system. We have been here for a year, having moved from A Big City. I understand the Big City Public Schools has re-instated mandatory masking for all students and this school board may be feeling pressure to act in accord with the larger metro school board to our south, but I encourage you to resist doing things like Big City Public Schools. We moved here, like a great many other parents in our area, because Florida Public Schools has better schools. You don’t want to be like Big City Schools. Their schools aren’t as good. If any parents prefer how Big City Schools is handling their school system, I invite them to move across the county line. The real estate is cheaper.

This week James reports in from an undisclosed location (his evil genius lair, no doubt) and he and Toby review the week’s doings, from the latest on the Covid lockdowns to the foolishness of the multi-culti wokeness of the BBC and their plans for this year’s Proms.

We get their views on the Biden-Harris ticket (or is that Harris-Biden?) and the prospect of Donald Trump’s re-election, plus our cultural reviews, highlighted by the very disappointing Greyhound with Tom Hanks on AppleTV.

Mr. President, Master the Mask War!


President Trump should seize control of the narrative again. Given that the Vice President, who failed to protect the start of the administration by standing with General Flynn, who folded like a cheap suit as governor when corporations threatened his state for opposing the radical anti-Christian corporate agenda, masked by “sexual identity” activism, has failed to provide real leadership to the “coronavirus task force,” President Trump will just have to do it himself. Since masks are now a political statement, turn the narrative against the left. 

Contrast the black masks of the left, the black masks of the real fascists, with a custom-fitted, carefully styled white lower-face covering emblazoned with bold blue USA outlined in red. Think Ralph Lauren style here. Unveil the new look the next time President Trump strides out past the press gaggle to Marine One, or with the First Lady on the Fourth of July. Make VP Pence wear one. Have Kayleigh McEnany wear one into the press room, then take it off to address the camera. 

Member Post


Well, now our out-of-control Governor and his Health Secretary have really done it this time. They’ve expanded their mask order to require masks “whenever anyone leaves home.” This, despite evidence that the risk of contracting coronavirus outdoors, especially while physical distancing is ~0. Please remind me, what “super spreader” events have occurred in most major […]

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Governor Ducey, Stop the Petty Tyrants


Republican governors have been successfully panicked into letting the same local thugs, who reveled in the powers granted to them during the Great Lockdown, now order American citizens to cover their faces, some with as much legal force as the Saudi religious police. Governor Abbott of Texas at least had the wisdom to forbid any criminal penalties under this exercise in bodily control over every free person. Governor Doug Ducey has not been so bright, and so will rightly accrue state-wide blame against the Republican Party. He must immediately amend his latest executive order, number 2020-40, to prohibit anything more than a parking ticket sort of civil penalty for mask non-compliance.

Mesa, Arizona, is muddling through a middle route, requiring masks in most public indoor settings but not while eating or drinking. They will levy civil fines for persistent non-compliance, limited to $50, following Maricopa County.

Mesa issued its mask order Monday, June 22. It was published as a non-text enabled PDF image file. The city council notably exempted schools, a sane decision. Their order really amounts to requiring mask use in interacting with people indoors. Exceptions include working out in a gym or swimming, as well as sitting at a bar or a restaurant table when served food or drink. There are medical and religious exemptions that may be invoked without challenge.

The Masks Come Off. . .


In the White House press corps. Mask wearing has been a political statement by the media jackals. They have spent weeks hounding the President and his very attractive spokeswoman about covering their faces with masks, knowing this would look bad and obscure their words and expression. After the riots, something has changed.

First, notice the obviously ineffective and poorly worn face coverings in the room. Watch them slip as people speak. That bit of theater is not new, just more glaring in light of the past week’s events in the streets of our cities.

What is new, to my observation, is the decision not to wear a mask. We start with EWTN, a Catholic faith-based cable network, whose White House correspondent is Owen Jensen. He asked the obvious question about anti-religious discrimination by state and local officials who supported mass rallies they liked but forbade religious gatherings they disfavor.

Question Authority, Especially on Face Masks


I own two face masks; my fetching spouse of 36 years, at least two or three. Our Governor here in Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, long commanded us under his virtually unlimited emergency powers to wear “face diapers” in public places, indoors. Outdoors is “optional,” but “recommended.” Virginia’s Governor, quite belatedly, has just followed suit.

I see no need to wear a mask on my outdoor runs and bike rides. After all, science shows that the risk of contracting the coronavirus outdoors is about zero. 

If it makes you feel better that you’re protected from my possibly tainted droplets and spittle, great. I am especially sensitive to our grocery story workers and my local pizza maker. I want everyone to “feel” safe, and I’m mindful that many people, including friends, have underlying chronic conditions that make them especially vulnerable to this novel virus. After all, I’m 63, so I’m sort of on the cusp.