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DC Politicians, Big Tech Companies Making Violence More Likely, Not Less


By using current events as pretexts for further restricting the ability of people to speak and to communicate, national government politicians and “big tech” companies are increasing the likelihood that people will resort to violence to get their point across.

Politicians and “big tech” claim restricting speech and communication will reduce “conspiracy theories” and the planning of violent actions. But, driving such topics into hidden corners tends to reinforce them and to encourage the people involved to become more extreme and potentially violent.

Why the Biden Choice Seems So Unsettling


Elections come and go, but this one feels very different and disturbing. There are the obvious reasons that are and have been playing out before us including the suppression of voting standards, changing the rules in the eleventh hour, extending days of voting beyond Nov. 3rd, and the damaging “laptop” information. Yet…..it’s something more.

When Obama and Biden won in 2008, there was a mantra of hope and change. We had our first black president, and while I didn’t vote for Obama, I was not alarmed at the prospect of this new leadership. In fact, I thought he would be good for the black community as well as other minorities, and therefore, the country. I went back and read through Obama’s acceptance speech. He didn’t apologize for America, he championed it. He said we would rebuild brick by brick our broken cities. There was only the promise of better days for everyone – no exclusions.

Group Writing: Shaping the Political Will: Abortion

23 Jan 1995, Washington, DC, USA — Young Pro-Life Supporters at March for Life Rally — Image by © Mark Peterson/CORBIS

I stumbled across the home of the Teen Wire Drama Club but sheer providence. The Teen Wire Drama Clubs are sponsored by Planned Parenthood to put on skits and shows about the joys of abortion, the glories of protected pre-marital sex and to promote all the good that Planned Parenthood does in the world.

How to Rebuild the Primary Process: The Damping Circuit Proposal

Over time, a damping circuit reduces oscillation and reveals the underlying signal.

As we grind towards the finish line of this disastrous primary season, it’s more apparent than ever that our system of primaries is monumentally stupid: stupid if you’re a Republican, stupid if you’re a Democrat, stupid all around. And I’m not merely saying this because of recent events. Let me explain.