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Why Subscribe? The Breadth and Depth of Ricochet


typewriterFrom time to time, Ricochet members capture the incredible breadth of posts on a given day. This is far more than a center-right political discussion and rant site. I wonder if we might roll up a sort of topical author list. Here is my very imperfect and incomplete start. If you would, please share your own go-to post series or exceptional stand-alone entries.

From Gary McVey’s serial history of television in America, to the very long-running, always informative Hank Rhody series that started with “How to Build a Computer, Part 1 of N: Silicon,” to SeaWriter’s weekly book reviews, to SkipSul’s ongoing series on Orthodox iconography, this is an amazing-value web publication.

That does not even touch the poetry (often by Arahant) and food and photography posts, some singular and some occasional. “She” provides both recipes and fine stories in her “Friday food and drink posts.” You won’t find articles in any other publication as good as LC’s occasional posts on Khmer history and culture. I would not have pulled my DSLR camera out of storage and done several original reporting stories, were it not for RightAngles responding to a monthly theme prompt with an amazing, informative, illustrated article on the state of the stock photography business.

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Our second son has just turned 17 today  and Papa Toad and I want to gift him with an electronic music keyboard. He is a musician, and plays several instruments, and is starting to compose music for performance and for games/videos that he and his friends make.  We’ve looked at several different options online, but I […]

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