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New Abortion Laws are Splitting the Right, Too


Compared to many of you, I’m new to the abortion discussion and am self-conscious about taking positions on it. I have never been pregnant nor have I had an abortion. Until about 15 years ago, I was pro-choice. Gradually I have found myself soundly in the pro-life position. Yet the arguments that are occurring, even among those on the Right, have caused me to take a closer look at my beliefs. I thought our having that discussion here about the abortion laws might help many of us learn from each other and clarify our views.

First, there are many states that have decided, with exceptions and no exceptions, to ban abortion. There are a whole range of criteria for whether abortions should be banned and when and how abortions might be legal:


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Source: Creative Minority Report:Pro-Life Fiorina Outraged When Called Pro-Life Senate candidate Carly Fiorina wants you to know she’s pro-life. But she wants everyone to know that she’s not like really really pro-life. She’s kinda’ OK with life, not totally against it but if someone wanted to be against it she’d be cool with that too. But […]

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