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Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. How to Deal with the Antifa and Alt Right in Your Life


Communists and Fascists are once again fighting in the streets. Young men and women are latching on to a cause greater than themselves and using it as a excuse to get out there and fight for a cause. The country is gripped with the question is it better to punch a Nazi in the face or beat a Communist with a base stick?

The answer is not to beat anyone with a stick or otherwise. As always, Fascists and Communists are motivated as much by hopelessness and aimlessness as they are by any ideology. They need a breakdown in civil society to succeed, with that breakdown, the closely related weeds of Fascism and Communism can take root. To get some answers, let me relate to you a story of the night I found myself surrounded by a group of Fascist, criminal thugs in Romania in the year 2002 and how I dealt with them.