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Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America enjoy watching U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley stand her ground after chief Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow suggests Haley was confused about whether new sanctions had been ordered against Russia. They also shudder as more horrible allegations come out against disgraced Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, and because he won’t resign even after top GOP leaders urged him to step down. They roll their eyes as independent 2016 presidential candidate Evan McMullin remains mired in campaign debt and has missed his last three required filings with the Federal Elections Commission. And Jim and Greg pay tribute to the remarkable life of former First Lady Barbara Bush.


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It’s all crazy martinis today. Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are furious as the Air Force discovers it never forwarded the court martial information on the Texas church shooter that would have prevented him from legally purchasing guns and Jim also details how the federal government often seems disinterested in prosecuting gun crimes. They also discuss the bizarre assault on Sen. Rand Paul by his neighbor in Kentucky and how the media just don’t care when GOP lawmakers are targeted for violence. And they unload on 2016 independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin, who has spent the past year focused on criticizing President Trump at every turn while advancing nothing of value to conservatism – his latest move being to urge people not to vote for the GOP candidate for governor in Virginia.

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With One Eye on the News…


What’s more depressing: that the normalization of Hillary is entering its 25th year? Or the fact that something called “Evan McMullin” is so stridently insisting that what the nation needs right now is a whole lot more Evan McMullin?

We’re living in a news junkie’s paradise. It’s like the 70s again, except with “developments” instead of heroin. In an effort to carve out an intellectual existence outside the sphere of politics I’ve been only perusing the news, missing out on all but the biggest stories: Brexit official, the Russian hack; the subway attack in St. Petersburg; chemical weapons deployed in Syria and the tangled web we call the “intelligence community.” With regard to this last, I find the relationship between the FBI, the NSA, Justice, the Defense Intelligence Agency and countless similar agencies entirely incomprehensible. All I know is that my philosophy is now “email as if no one is watching.”


Remind the GOP They Don’t Own You: Vote McMullin

By Sterling32157 - Cropped from File:Evan McMullin at Provo Rally.jpg, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link
By Sterling32157 – Cropped from File:Evan McMullin at Provo Rally.jpg, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

If you believe Donald Trump represents the best available means to save the republic from the Left, then you should vote for him. There’s no shortage of good, intelligent, and wise people who’ve come to that judgment and Clinton is sufficiently awful that I can’t, in good conscience, say I know you’re wrong.

However, if you believe Donald Trump’s judgement, character, and policy positions make him an unacceptably poor candidate for the presidency — as, indeed, I do — then I suggest you not accept him. The Republican Party is not entitled to our votes, and signaling that we’re willing to accept anyone with a “R” after his name is an invitation to be ignored and taken for granted. Especially for those in deep-red or deep-blue states, there are prudential reasons for telling the GOP that it failed to earn our votes and to get stuffed until it learns the lesson. There is no clearer way to send that message than to vote for Evan McMullin.


Don’t Reward Bad Choices: Vote Third Party For President, Republican for Congress


shutterstock_495755698We have come to an election in which there seems to be no way to win. At first glance, the election seems binary and the two choices we are given are unthinkable. In Hillary Clinton, we have someone very probably guilty of crimes not merely of corruption but crimes that endangered our national security. No one that really cares for the country should vote for her to be president. Turning to the Republican alternative, you find Donald Trump. His ignorance of policy issues and his reckless, ignorant, and dangerous foreign policy pronouncements should give you pause about his fitness for office. Looking at his character, you find even more horrifying information. He is a man of privilege who gained success from gaming the system and legal tricks, and his sense of entitlement leads to his mistreatment of women and gross statements about their treatment at his hands. How can such a man lead a nation like the United States?

Politics is not generally binary and this election is no exception. There are ways to do good with your vote and help our country despite Trump and Clinton. No matter who becomes president we will need Republicans in Congress to put a brake on their excesses. Senators Ben Sasse, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, Rand Paul, Pat Toomey, Kelly Ayotte, and many other honorable men and women need to the leaders in the Senate. Voting for the Republican Senate candidates (and hopefully having them often out-perform Donald Trump in the election) will send a powerful message to Washington. It will give the Senate Republicans the mandate and confidence to oppose the wild excesses of the president.


Why I Am Voting for Evan McMullin


Evan McMullinHillary Clinton is awful. No question. This is not a matter of who is marginally more suited for the Oval Office – neither one is. We know Hillary’s sins – deceitful, scheming, greedy, paranoid, vindictive, incompetent, and very likely criminal (feel free to pile on if I missed anything). She has experience, I’ll give her that, but it is not good experience. She was my Senator for eight years, and I can’t recall a thing – good or bad – she did in that time. As Secretary of State, her hands were tied by Obama, but she still embraces his policy choices now. I will concede she may be better on trade and foreign policy than Trump, but that’s not a given.

To say Trump is better is like saying Charles Manson is more likely to go to heaven than Joel Rifkin. He is vain, lecherous, ignorant, and dishonest. He has done nothing to show he has thought through issues, or even cared to learn the responsibilities and limitations of the office he seeks. He has the moral standards of a pig, and a well-earned reputation for being a dishonest business man. Like Hillary, he lies nearly as often as he speaks, but she at least can craft plausible falsehoods. He will lie in his second breath about what he said with his first, and expect you not to notice. He lied about his faith, yet had such contempt for the faithful that he didn’t even bother learning enough to make that lie plausible. He does not have the history of abuse of power that Hillary does, but that’s most likely because he’s never been in a position to do so.


Who is Evan McMullin?


This is a serious question. I really have no idea who he is. I first learned his name from people posting here on Ricochet and, well, I didn’t know what to think. Then I stumble on this video on PJ Media of the man himself basically saying he is attempting to be a spoiler. He […]

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Well, I Made My Pick


i_voted_sticker_american_flag2016 has been a miserable year for conservatarians like myself. Republican primary voters soundly rejected constitutionalists, budget balancers, and limited-government enthusiasts, opting instead for a shouty 70-year-old Hillary donor who’s more concerned with tweeting typos than getting out the vote.

When Reince Priebus and his feckless RNC attempted to silence lifelong Republicans such as myself, I stepped away from the party and declared my independence.


Evan McMullin – For Many Of Us, Why in the World Not?


Evan McMullin@dickfrombrooklyn (oh, dear…or was it @ctlaw? I had already had a few beers) and I were talking with Rob Long last night at the meetup, and I was lamenting that there isn’t more discussion on the site about Evan McMullin. Today, I actually used the Ricochet search function (something I don’t usually do, though I am a champion Googler) and found that, in fact, there have been a couple of posts. Anyway, last night, Rob’s response to my lamentation was: “Write something!”



Utah, Opting Out of 2016


So if you’ve followed the polling news lately, independent conservative candidate Evan McMullin has polled a dead heat with the major party candidates here in Utah. Oh wait, no, he’s in the lead here (h/t my lovely wife, Amanda). Yes, recent polling has found that not only does he lead, but he’s just squeaked out […]

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Frodo Lives!


Some days ago right after the Trump video tapes hit, @larrykoler made an impassioned plea for Republicans to stand together against the assault on Trump like the men of Middle Earth did before the Black Gates of Mordor. At the time I criticized his analogy as woefully in adequate. Who is Trump supposed to be […]

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What Are the Checks and Balances?


Evan McMullinThis election year makes a mockery of past complaints about the “lesser of two evils.” That cliché has been trotted out in every election of my lifetime. In every previous contest though, the choice was not between evils. It was often between flawed candidates (think George W. Bush), and bad candidates (e.g. Al Gore or John Kerry).

This year’s decision is different. Hillary Clinton would be a conventional bad candidate (in a substantive, not stylistic sense) were it not for the revelations about the email server. Her deception, her greed, her progressive views are all terrible (if dismayingly familiar), but the indifference to national security she demonstrated in the use of a private server (on which she did, despite denials, transmit classified information), places her on a plane that no national candidate has occupied before. She should be disqualified for commander-in-chief.


Johnson, Stein, McMullin Locked Out of Presidential Debates


jill-stein-gary-johnson-evan-mcmullin-green-party-2016The system is rigged. The Commission on Presidential Debates announced today that the only candidates to be invited to the first scheduled debate are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. While claiming to be non-partisan, the CPD has again demonstrated that it is instead bipartisan — a racket designed to protect the interests of the Democratic and Republican parties against the threat of other options.

CPD’s official selection criteria are as follows:


Evan McMullin and the Utah Gambit


Just over a week ago, former CIA operative and Republican staffer Evan McMullin announced his bid as an independent candidate for president. A few days later, he hosted an official campaign kick-off (reported on by Ricochet member @thebeardofavon). Since then, there’s been a bunch of interviews — including the one below on Bret Baier’s show, in which I found him impressive — and a few disappointments, but there’s reason to watch closely for at least another week or two.


“There is Another Choice” A Report on the Evan McMullin Kick-off


imageI’ve been a NeverTrumper for nearly a year now. The day Senator Ted Cruz dropped out, I began searching for a candidate who wasn’t merely the least-evil, but whose candidacy advocated for policies I support. I flirted with the Libertarians, but found Gary Johnson lacking, especially on religious liberties.* The other libertarians I hear from keep doing the best they can to convince me they aren’t really serious.

Then came the Constitution Party. They were very friendly, even going so far as to invite me to attend their state committee meeting. But I had some major questions about their party platform, especially on foreign policy. I asked a few questions at the committee meeting, and was promised their vice presidential candidate, Scott Bradley, would answer me personally. (This was the genesis for a solicitation of questions post I wrote back in May; nothing happened with it because Bradley never called, despite five promises from the state chair that he would). Bradley, after all, was the best qualified person to answer my questions. At the state party meeting one of the committee members actually asked one of my questions to the Party’s chair — “What’s our position on Israel?” — and the chair didn’t know the answer. They had to look it up. Answer: “We don’t want any foreign entanglements; Israel is perfectly capable of taking care of itself if the US just stays out of its way.” By mid-June I was convinced I’d be leaving my vote for president this year blank. But then Monday arrived, with the surprise announcement of an Independant run from Evan McMullin.




Via ABC News:

Evan McMullin, a former CIA counterterrorism officer, will run for president as a third-party conservative alternative to Donald Trump, GOP operatives working to back the candidate told ABC News today. The operatives working on McMullin’s bid resigned from Better for America in order to work on his candidacy. The operatives from the group, a 501(c)(4) organization that cannot officially endorse or back McMullin’s bid, has been working for months on trying to select a candidate and get on ballots throughout the country. In some states, like Texas, they will likely have to sue to get on the ballot. A 501(c)(4) is an issue-based nonprofit that can raise unlimited funds and does not have to disclose its donors. It’s an extreme uphill climb, but they are confident McMullin, 40, can act as a disruptor who they hope can peel off some red states in a race where some Republicans are still resistant to Donald Trump.