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Epstein Early Exit Epidemic?


balanced scales justiceI heard a rumor that Jeffrey Epstein’s girl Friday, Ghislaine Maxwell had been found dead in her federal prison cell. It turns out that the rumor was not true, yet. No, as @stad reports, it was just the man accused by French authorities of being the front-end procurer, a famous model agent, who allegedly hung himself in his prison cell. How convenient. Too cynical? Not in the totality of the circumstances.

Consider that the U.S. DOJ and FBI have long been rotten at their core, fraudulently prosecuting Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), with the complicity of Judge Emmett Sullivan, in order to swing his election and help Obama the super-majority he needed to pass Obamacare. Consider that Sullivan ordered, and got, an investigation of the prosecution that produced not one criminal conviction or even one lawyer losing their career or being disbarred. Indeed, the only one to lose their career was the inconvenient FBI whistleblower. Notice the lack of effective budgetary or structural action against the DOJ and FBI by Mitch McConnell and Lyin’ Paul Ryan, with his key lieutenant Kevin McCarthy. Remember that this real insurrection happened on George W. Bush’s watch. So much for defending the First Branch against predation by the second and third branches of government, a real insurrection against our constitutional republic by unaccountable bureaucrats.

Consider the real insurrection against the legitimate winner of the 2016 presidential election, the real Big Lie of Russiagate. Consider that not one of these white-collar criminals has been convicted or even effectively had their legal careers ended. The corrupt D.C. bar even reinstated Keven Clinesmith, the one FBI employee convicted so far.

Uncommon Knowledge: A Charming Conversation


In his most recent episode of Uncommon Knowledge, Peter Robinson’s conversation with Richard Epstein and John Yoo focuses on the Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett, and Roe v. Wade, the most comprehensively and consequentially flawed Court decision in recent history. It’s a terrific show, a relaxed and thoughtful discussion with serious people about important things.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome news of at least one prosecutor willing to file felony charges over rioters tearing down a statue. They also discuss old timer’s night at the Democratic National Convention with a special focus on John Kerry’s dishonest history and Bill Clinton still being invited to speak despite his #MeToo history and yesterday’s Epstein revelations. And they have fun as the woke left even tries to cancel suffragette Susan B. Anthony.

Join Jim and Greg as they’re encouraged by a new Pew Research survey showing Americans overwhelmingly have negative views on China and believe China bears great responsibility for the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. They also discuss new evidence released from the Ghislane Maxwell case, including a deposition listing Bill Clinton and others as visiting Jeffrey Epstein’s private island. And they shake their heads as the owners of a Michigan bed and breakfast reluctantly take down the Norwegian flag on the inn because of hate mail accusing them of flying the Confederate flag.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America break down the news of Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta resigning over the Epstein scandal. They discuss concern amongst Texas Republicans that the Lone Star State may be in play for Democrats in 2020. And they cover AOC’s Chief of Staff admitting the Green New Deal’s true purpose.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America cover Amy McGrath’s campaign to unseat Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky and hope that Democrats spend a lot of money on a candidate who has very little chance of winning. They also discuss the controversy brewing over Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta’s involvement in the plea deal with billionaire and alleged child sex trafficker and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. And they debate Senator Joe Manchin’s threat to remove federal funding for the 2026 World Cup unless the members of the women’s national team are paid as much as the men.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America cover the indictment of billionaire political operative Jeffrey Epstein on child sex trafficking charges. They discuss Eric Swalwell’s possible withdrawal from the Democratic presidential primary. And they share a chuckle about pro-impeachment, billionaire Tom Steyer’s impending presidential run.

The Libertarian Podcast: Epstein on Net Neutrality


This week on the Libertarian podcast, I lead Professor Epstein through a consideration of President Obama’s call for the FCC to impose net neutrality requirements on the Internet. Richard talks about the drawbacks of such a proposal, what a proper regulatory approach to the internet would look like, what exactly all this “common carrier” talk means, and what powers a classical liberal should be comfortable with the FCC having. Take a listen: